1st Anniversary with love

21 Jul 2013

It seems like everything just happened yesterday, can't believe that time flies so fast, we have been together for a year on 27 June. All our memories seems like having their playback right now. I can still remember the first day I met you, the first movie we watched, the first time we went out together, the first little gift you gave me just because I mentioned I wanted it, the first time you hold my hand, the first time we kissed  and so much more. I was really looking forward to this day. Wondering what you would give me as present and anticipated your expression when you received my present. Haha. I am pretty sure that you would definitely love my present and it turned out so true!teehee~ 
Happy 1st Anniversary, Love!
Too bad that we didn't take a photo together. ><
He looked so happy! Because of??

THIS!!! Yep, my handmade Double Chocolate MuffinThis was my first time baking muffins. Look so delicious huh? No joke, it's really tasty! You can know it by looking at it. Haha.
 Double Chocolate Muffin with walnut inside and some almond nips on top of it.

Let's guess what he gave me for present?
No roses, no bouquet of flowers, no love letter...
but a stack of handmade cards! with one sentence on each card. The cards are lovely and touching. Although this is not the first time I received something like that from you, but still...it touched my heart deeply.

So,we actually spent our day as usual - having meals, watched a movie, window-shopping.

We had our lunch in Little Cottage Café which is situated inside The Waterfall hotel. Ambience was really nice and the entire place looked exactly how a cottage would be. The price is quite reasonable too.
The menu. They have set lunch and set dinner on weekdays. Their set lunch included soup of the day, drinks, bread and butter, main course, and lastly dessert.
Chicken 'Monte Cristo'
Garlic Linguine. I like this!

After our meal, we went to Gurney for a movie - The Man of Steel. We only had the chance to watch it after our final.
We had a try on this after our movie! Squidto 黄金賊 - Squidto chesse sauce. A very famous snack in Taiwan. Huge squid stuffed with seafood baked rice.
Look at the cheese! *Slurps*

This is basically how we spent our time on that special day.

Well, for this one year, there are times that we cry, we argue, we don't talk to each other. But those are erased by the moments we make up,we laugh and we hug. There are ups and downs, sadness and happiness. These are the essential ingredients in every relationship. And it made us stronger and closer. You came into my life unexpectedly. I never know you are the one when I first met you, and now I have realized the beauty of expecting the unexpected. I am really glad that you came in, you are not only a boyfriend, but also my best friend. We share secrets together, we learn together and we support each other. I appreciate all the little things that you did to me, they actually fill me with bliss. Although you are not the perfect boyfriend and neither do I, although you are really blunt sometimes, although there are many differences between both of us, and you said we have come to the stage where we need to compromise each other's differences, I hope that we can face every obstacles together hand in hand and have more anniversaries in the future!

As being said, 'All of the best love stories have one thing in common, you have to go against all odds to get there.'

Once again, Happy Anniversary!
(I don't care it was 3 weeks ago :P)

~The End~

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