Pasta Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon

16 Aug 2013

How do you relate Japan with Pasta? Any idea?
Pasta remain as a western delicacy for years, and it has never crossed my mind that pasta would have anything to do with Asian cooking, at least not until I got to know Pasta Zanmai!

Having to come from the same management with Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai is where east meets west. Utilizing Japanese cooking style, Pasta Zanmai offers a fusion of western delicacy and eastern way of cooking. Along with Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai found its way into Penangupon the grand opening of Gurney Paragon. It is situated just next to Sushi Zanmai and Rakuzen in the 6th floor of Gurney Paragon.

I wanted to try it since the first time I went Gurney Paragon but that time there was a lot of people even though it was 3pm. People are having late lunch nowadays huh? I was sooo hungry that time so I just simply grab something to eat, my stomach can't wait already. >< 

Finally, I get to try it. Haha. Alexis suggested it, so we had our 'quite-late' lunch there.
The environment are cozy and warm. Limited tables they have. I need to wait for around 10 to 15 minutes before I can be seated. Maybe you might want to make a reservation just in case.

Let me show you some photos!

The menu.

Hot Green tea.
A pot of green tea is RM3 and it's refillable.

While waiting for our FOOD!! Pattern a lot!! 
Alexis again.
Naughty faces!!
Opps, should have let you guys see the food, not our face ya. Haha, here it is.
Finally!! Our food was served. Sushi with tempura prawn topped with raw salmon - RM13. This is a little different from the sushi that we used to eat. You can see, it was not wrapped in seaweed,hmm, but tasty!!!

Spaghetti topped with half-raw salmon with sesame sauce. RM13 (Small)

Alexis had spaghetti topped with raw salmon and ikura. RM13 (Small) Well, this is a cold dish. Not everybody can accept this I think, just like Soba. For me, this is delicious though.

 Pasta Zanmai is indeed worth trying especially those who love Japanese food and Italian food. Interesting combination between the both. You will find the taste really unique. It's different from the usual bolognese, aglio olio or carbonara. The price is quite reasonable too. Oh ya, they serve small and big portion, so small eaters can try more choices of food. I would definitely come back again!!

Pasta Zanmai

163D-6-38, 6th Floor of Gurney Paragon,
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang

Here's a normal photo!
Had a very fun day with her! hee..I hope you enjoy too!

~The End~


2 Aug 2013

Yay!!!! BEACH time~

I guess many people has already known this place especially people from Butterworth, but I still want to blog about it because I just went there recently. It's a beach themed cafe, decorated exactly like the seaside! Seriously, their floor is covered with sand! I felt like I was at the beach! haha. It's a really nice place to chill with your friends and your loved ones, you get to enjoy the beach with air-conditioned! Nice huh?

A small corner with all the seaside decorations. This cafe is really nicely decorated, I can see how much effort they put on solely decorations and renovations.
Once we were seated, they served us this two little cute glass of water with mint leaves.
Very limited tables they have, around like 6 tables? I think so.. Luckily I went on a weekday.
They also have trendy clothes selling at the corner..not only that.
Accessories too!
and also, very cute merchandise!
These were what we ordered. The bottom one is the rum and raisin mille crepe, the drink on the right is chocolate banana and the drink on the left is chocolate milk blended (Hmm, I don't really remember it's name.) I would say not bad, anyway we come here just to chit-chat with friends, not so much concern on food. Or maybe yes? Hee. But overall, it's a really nice place.
Well, end up with my picture!

沿海地带生活馆 (By the sea cafe)
6924 Jalan Ong Yi How,
13400 Butterworth
Tel: 04-3233449

Business Hours: Tue - Fri  3pm to 10pm
                 Sat - Sun  2pm to 11pm
     FB page:

Happy Reading! 

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