[Day 1] Taiwan ♥ 臺灣之旅!

30 Sep 2013

As many of my friends know, I have recently been to Taiwan. About 1 month ago, at the end of August just before my new semester started. It was the most memorable week of my two months holiday.
I know it's been a month since I have been to Taiwan as I keep procrastinating on blogging about this wonderful trip. That is because there's too many photos that need to edit. Believe me, editing photos is the most time consuming thing. I need to filter those photos and edit, facing my laptop for hours, it's really damn tiring. But I promise myself to give my full commitment to my blog and keep the fire burning! Even boyfie keep nagging me. Anyway, I am not going to make blogging a spur-of-the-moment thing, I will prove to him!  So, here I am sitting down and am ready to share with you about my trip to Taiwan.

For your information, I actually went to Taiwan with a travel agency which is ACE. It's a very famous travel agency in Penang. Their testimonials are quite good as well. This trip was kinda rush because we book it during the travel fair on July. I never expect to go to Taiwan because my mom was thinking of going to Hong Kong actually. But to my surprise, my mom booked it as it was much cheaper than HongKong.

I still prefer free and easy instead of going with travel agency. Following a travel agency, the itinerary is definitely pack like nobody business, not only that, it will be rush like hell too. But this is to make sure tourists can visit all the places and tourist spots. It depends, somebody will like it as they would like to go to all places in just a few days. For me, I like to relax while travelling. I don't like to rush, that is not travel to me.

Alright! Here it goes~
Our flight was pretty late, like around 5pm, but we went to airport very early. The van picked us up from my aunt's house at 1.45pm. Yep, Ace provides transportation to their customers who don't have transport to the airport. We reached airport quite early, after checked in our luggage, we still had time for a cup of coffee.
Hot chocolate with puff and brownie cake before boarding the plane.
New pair of shoes to begin the journey!
 China Airline! The must-take picture. Actually I was so bored in the plane.

After 4 hours and 30 minutes of flight, we finally arrived in Taiwan!
Taoyuan International Airport

My beloved mom!

Saw something very interesting! While we were waiting to cross the custom, we were greeted by an unexpected "officer".
Tadaa~ A doggie!! The dog is part of the protocol practiced by Taiwan to make sure no one brings anything illegal into the country. Amazing isn't it? I wonder how they train the dog. hpmm..
Did I ever mentioned I love dogs very much? Especially cute little puppies like the blur blur poodle and pomeranian. I gonna own it very soon, well..that's what I hope. ><

We waited sooo long to cross the custom, as you can see from the photo, the queue was so long.. By the time we crossed it, it was already 11pm. So we were directly sent back to our hotel. Sobs.

The hotel that we stayed for the first night was a motel which is very popular in Taiwan, they called it 汽车旅馆. So, what is it so special about it? Let's see..
My room for the night. Nice isn't it? But my aunt's room is better.
 This is my aunt's room. Nice right?? It's also bigger than my room. ><
The Bathroom!! How I hope I have this at my home!!

Jacuzzi in the bathroom! You can watch movies while you're enjoying in the hot tub!

Different rooms has different interior designs and themes. Some motels even have carparks attached to their rooms. These are the main difference between hotels and motels. I think I can just stay in the room for the whole day. Haha.
Saw this vending machines selling drinks and instant noodles at the entrance of the motel. Thought of buying instant noodles but in the end didn't because it was really late already.

艾蔓精致旅馆 - 土城馆

That's all for my first day!
Only I realized no selca for this post. Sorry!
Stay Tune!

Just Something!

21 Sep 2013

Phew~~ I finally get to visit this café. I have attempted to visit a few times, but never succeed.
I remember the first time I went, I couldn't find the place, I tried to find the signboard but there wasn't any signboard written 'Just Something'. So, my friend called, then only we know that it was closed. They don't have a fix off day so better check on their FB page before you go.

Then, for the second time, I went with my BFF, but she had something to do after our dinner. No point rushing. So, we went back after our dinner. Sobs.

So this is the third time and I managed to visit here. I went with a matriculation lecturer of mine. Actually, she never teach me before, but we are clicked just like that. This is what we call fate. She is very nice to talk to and a very fun person as well. When I had breaks in between lectures, I will just go to the office and find her to talk to. Haha. She is definitely not the kind of typical lecturer that students will afraid of. Opps.

 Welcome to Just Something!! 
When you step into this café, you will see this board full of sticky notes written by their customers and some old newspaper cutting. It gave me a kind of nostalgic feeling.

Still remember him?
Just Something used popeye colouring book as their menu! I don't think we can find this kind of colouring book any more. Remembering that I had Hello Kitty colouring book when I was little. haha.

Spaghetti chicken carbonara - RM12
We both ordered the same meal because we love cheese!
See the kind of plate they used which you can barely see it now. So nostalgic.
As for drinks, weiling ordered something like chocolate drink, I have forgotten what's the name, it's the combination of oreo and vico if my memory serves me right. For me, I ordered honey lemon.
Opps, it's blur. but it turned out not bad. Hehe.

Honestly, I love this place so much. It's a very nice place to talk and it feels like home to me. Weiling and me stayed there and talked for so long that we just don't feel like leaving. haha. I would recommend you guys to visit if you want to have a nice place to chill with your friends.
The whole decoration of this cafe is just so retro. They are very creative in the sense of using many unused items and machines as decorations. 
Typewriter spotted! Who use it nowadays? Instead of throwing it away, use it as decoration. 
Did I say that they also pasted a lot of photographs and paintings on the wall so that the walls doesn't look empty?
Use fan's cover as well. So creative huh?
You have to turn down your volume while you speak so that you won't disturb the others. But you will automatically speak softly when you're there, at least I was because the environment is a little quiet although there was music playing. The music wasn't too loud for you to chit-chat.
Not forgetting taking photos around!
Love this! heehee.
Selca! The first picture I was actually trying to look at that cute tshirt of mine. Smile.

Just Something
 6993 TKT 1,
Jalan Ong Yi How, 
13400 Butterworth,
( Just a few shops beside Maybank, see a yellow 'Hotel' signboard,
then there's a staircase going up, there it is)
04-313 3635

Happy Reading!

Back to School!!!

14 Sep 2013

Two months of holiday just flew by and it's a brand new semester!! Well, here comes the third year of my university life. It feels like I just stepped into USM. The memory of  my first year life is still so fresh, as if everything just happened yesterday, but now I am in my third year already. OMG!! One more year to graduate, then it's time to step into the cruel society! Sounds so scary. >< By that time, I will not have my own sweet time, I will not be waking up at noon, I will not be taking a nap in the afternoon, and so much more... :(
Live in the present moment! Don't think that far first. My mission for now is to enjoy every moment of my Uni life to the max! Since I left only 3 semesters, my last semester will be going for internship, then after internship will continue to work I guess. Or maybe I will go about being an air hostess. hehe..who knows? Maybe I meet their rigid qualifications? haha.

I am a girl who loves traveling but I prefer cities instead of the suburbs. I really want to visit Paris and London for at least ONCE in my lifetime. If I could go with my beloved one then that's perfect because it's so romantic!! Imagine if you could kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben. LOL. (Why would you kiss in front of Big Ben?) My point is, it's realllyy romantic, isn't it?? Besides this two, there's so many places that I wish to go! That's why I am thinking of being an air hostess after I finish my degree. But the future is full of uncertainty, everything might change.

I live my life only once, there's no take two. I hope I can do whatever I want when I'm still young. I just don't want myself to regret when I look back on my life. People usually regret the things they didn't do, not the things they did. 

The first week of semester is always the most free and relax week. Not much lectures, no tutorials and no events. Nice huh? A few of my friends and I are practicing a dance for a performance called ohm party! for mainly first year students. Hope I can record a video of our performance and post it up! haha. Will see how ya. I think this semester will be a quite busy one.

By the way, I am taking Japanese language this sem!! Excited!!! Haha. I was thinking of doing a Japanese lesson post to share with you guys what I have learned and to do revision at the same time! Kill two birds in one stone huh? Should seriously think about it.

Alright! That's all for now!

J.L. Gourmet Cafe

9 Sep 2013

A 5-star meal at 3-star price? Hell no. There is no way for you to get that kind of bargain. Most of the time, you pay 5-star price for a 3-star meal. Don't ever remind me of that. I have been in that situation dozen of times. But this restaurant, this restaurant is one of the few restaurants in town that serve good, quality, tasty food in town while charging you a reasonable price. In this blog, presenting to you is none other than J.L Gourmet Cafe.

Located at third floor of Prangin Mall, J.L Gourmet is under the same management as Mizi Bistro.
I first went to J.L Gourmet with my dance group mates. When I had my first glimpse of the restaurant, frankly speaking, I never had much expectation from it. But, my seniors insisted to give it a shot anyway. And when I tasted the mushroom soup, all the earlier perception was far behind my mind. At that moment, I know I had found the best mushroom soup in town! <3

Months later, I went back there along with my boyfie for our Valentines celebration. And since then, he fell in love with this restaurant. =( 

And every time we went to 1st Avenue or Prangin Mall, and it's time for meal, we will head to where J.L Gourmet lies.

Similar with many other restaurants in town, you can choose to order ala carte or set meal. Since most ala carte already cost you rm10++, I would recommend you all to take the set meal instead. With only RM19.90 (inclusive of tax), you get to enjoy a main course (you can choose anything from the menu EXCEPT Chef's Specialty and Meat sections), soup of the day (mushroom soup is what you should, no...you must order!!!!), drinks and dessert.

This is the online menu from their website but I think the menu is not up-to-date.
 J.L Gourmet Menu

Despite our many patronage, most of the time, we only order from Chicken, Seafood and Pasta section.
Signature Mushroom Soup
Spaghetti Carbonara
spaghetti with turkey bacon and cheese
Seafood Cannelloni
Filled with seafood in a delightful sauce, browned in oven with tomato and cheese
Pan-Seared Fish Fillet "Polonaise"
Topped with chopped egg and parsley butter sauce
Fish Au Gratin
Topped with cheese and baked

Personally, I prefer to order those creamy dishes (that explains why I am gaining weight lately, sobs ><). However, I still can't resist from trying those creamy dishes. If you are unsure of what dishes is creamy, you can ask the waiters at J.L Gourmet. 

And to end it all, you will be served with ice-cream (their forever dessert of the "day", hahaha). If my memory serves me right, you can choose from chocolate, yam, butterscotch, mint and vanilla. My childish boyfie always asks for chocolate; whereas I prefer mint or yam. However, by the time we reach dessert, my stomach is almost full and he will finish my portion. 

J.L Gourmet is one of those underrated restaurants. Despite being located in Prangin Mall, they can still remain in business for so many years even though Prangin Mall has lost its initial attraction. To me, RM19.90 is definitely worth every single cents. Where else in Penang can you try 5-star dishes with RM19.90, only J.L Gourmet I bet. 

While blogging this, my saliva is drooling. Thinking of those food makes me hungry again. I wish I am able to try J.L right now! >< (there goes my diet plan, oh well....)

I would say give J.L Gourmet a try if you are looking for a cheap and nice western food or you happen to be around Komtar, Prangin Mall or 1st Avenue. You will definitely not regret it.

Interior view of J.L. Gourmet

J.L. Gourmet Cafe
33-3-09, Prangin Mall,
Jln Dr. Lim Chwee Leong,
10100, Penang.
Mon - Sun : 11am to 9pm

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