Am I too wise?

25 Oct 2013

Volla!! I am back to my blog. 
A very quick post.
Has been neglecting my blog for quite a long time. I feel so sad. *sobs* I'm sorry. ><
I have a lot of things to share with you all!!
There's two mid-term tests next week but I still squeeze some time out to update my blog. So kind of me right? haha.. *thick face*
Well, as you can see, this post titled as 'am I too wise?' I didn't really mean I am wise or what. Just that I have what 90% of the population has (according to the dentist) - WISDOM TOOTH!! Mummy said I am too wise!! Haha.

It's okay to have wisdom tooth, I mean honestly, it's okay.
But you know what, to have wisdom TEETH is a BIG BIG Noooooooo!!

Earlier this year, I felt something wrong with the back part of my teeth, not until the extent of pain, just subtle pain that made me feel very annoying. That was the time I realized my wisdom tooth was growing out, but only a small corner can be seen. Didn't really bother it as it annoyed me for just a few days or a week. 

I have forgotten about it until when I was in Taiwan. The wisdom tooth annoyed me again then I looked into the mirror, only I realized it totally came out already! 

Actually I should have consult a dentist earlier or straight after I came back from Taiwan. But lazy me!!! I procrastinated until last week. Went to visit the dentist that my family used to visit.

After the dentist checked my teeth, he told me that I have 3 WISDOM TEETH. *scare the hell out of me!* As some of you know, wisdom tooth extraction involves a minor surgery. This means that I have to undergo the surgery for three times!! *thunderstorm* But he said my upper one is growing well, don't have to extract first but still he recommends to extract it too. ><

So, I had made an dental appointment for yesterday. Seriously, I was soo nervous. Butterflies in my stomach. I have mentally prepared to extract it. Unfortunately, after the x-ray, the dentist told me not to extract it yesterday because my case is a bit complicated. *faint* The wisdom teeth coming out in sideways and very near to my nerve. He needs to be in his very good condition to do this. >< At the very moment, I have this mix emotions, feeling relieved and nervous. According to him, IF, IF laa.. IF hor it is not done carefully, the nerve will get injured then you will feel like your jaw has been anesthetized for six months.

Not only that, the price of wisdom tooth extraction is exceptionally expensive. Cost around rm300+ for a normal one, a little bit more complicated one cost for rm500+. I was like what??!!!  Last time my brother removed for only rm100+, not exceeding rm200. Inflation huh??! >< So it would cost me RM1500+ to remove all 3?? Sigh... 

From the X-ray, there's one more haven't came out, still hiding inside my gums. I sincerely hope you don't come out, for god's sake, just stay inside. Pleaseeee~~

A piece of advice for you :
If you happen to find out that you have wisdom tooth growing out, the first thing you need to do is to consult a dentist. It is not necessary to undergo the minor surgery, depends on each individual's case. Normally dentist will recommend to remove it to avoid hygiene problems as it can be very problematic if you don't take care of it properly.

Thanks for spending some time to read my post!
Hope you enjoy!
Welcome for any comments too.

[Day 2] Taiwan ♥ 臺灣之旅!

Sorry guys~ I know I have not been blogging for quite a while because I was tooooo busy with societies and school stuff. Also busy preparing for dear's birthday, gonna blog about his birthday celebration soon. Ehem, it was more like a prank than a celebration. Lol.. Really damn funny!!
 Started to miss holidays..Awww.. There's too many things to be done since school reopened. The most important thing is I am kind of lagging behind in my studies and exams are coming soon, like real soon. I really need to start study while I can still catch up. *tsk tsk tsk*
Alright, you're not going to listen me nagging about how busy I was. 

This is gonna be a long looong post. hehe.

Day 2!! When I was woken up by my annoying alarm and opened my eyes, I literally jumped up from my bed as I thought I was already late. Looking out the window, it was already so bright. I thought it was already 8am, and when I check my phone, it was still 6. Phew~~ The bright sky sure blew away my sleepiness. So I woke up and got myself ready!

After everything was ready, we had our breakfast at the hotel before heading to our 1st destination of the day.

1st stop. 中正纪念堂

The main entrance.

Since it was summer, the weather was so so soooo hot. Once I got down from the bus, I felt like my skin was burning. >< Even hotter than Malaysia. But I still stand under the hot sun to take nice nice photos. Awww...
This is actually the concert hall and national theater.
My mom and I.
You can see pigeons everywhere in Taiwan and they are not afraid of people.

2nd stop.  野柳
You can see from this photo, there were a lot of people. Even take photos also need to queue up. >< This is the disadvantage of going Taiwan during Summer.
Can you spot the sitting camel? The rocks look like a camel is sitting and looking at me!
Can you spot the queen's head (女王头)? It's a mushroom rock and it has become the symbol of Yeliu.
Not that obvious from this angle..

See how clear the water is..
The cute princess  俏皮公主
3rd Stop    九份
Tadaa~Finally we reached after hours of journey.
Ever wonder why this place is called Jiu Fen? According to the tourist guide, there's a story behind it. Once upon a time (trying to be a story teller, thought you are telling cinderella story meh?), there were only nine families in Jiufen. Before the roads were built, all household goods such as flour, salt, sugar and etc were transported via ships. So, nice sets of the same goods were purchased at one time. Hence, this place is called Jiufen. Don't you feel interesting to know about the story behind it?

You can see from the photo..very crowded!! That day was a monday but still so many people, I don't know why. ><

This is NICE!! I like their 卤肉饭 so much!
This is the snack my mom and love the most!! Ice cream, grinded groundnuts and parsley wrapped in popiah skin. I hate parsley, so I ordered one without it.
The making process..Groundnuts was grinded using the tool the uncle was holding.
Had a cup of cooling tea to quench my thirst!
Bought three big bottles of mineral water.
4th Stop   平溪
The map. 
Pingxi has very unique architecture and it's built on a hill with train track in the middle of the street with shops selling local food and souvenirs. Famous for sky lanterns especially during chinese new year, they have sky lantern festival which draws a large crowd of people to release their lanterns together. 

Old street with old houses.
Mini lanterns.
Railway track.
I'm sure you've seen this place if you have watched the movie '那些年,我们一起追的女孩‘.
So lucky to see the train passed-by!!
The tourist was so good that he bought us the sky lantern!! See what I wrote...haha. May my dreams come true!!
Finally, we were ready to release the lantern. May all our dreams come true. Say cheese!
*My hair is shiny* 
Fly fly fly up high in the sky.
Another side of the railway track.
I bet you can hardly find such tranquil and peaceful place in Malaysia.
Honestly, Taiwan is very good in preserving their nature.
 Tourist guided treated us this too! Eww..don't taste that good.
Hotel of the night! 香格里拉
Had our dinner in the villa and involved in their activities of the night!
Before dinner.
Male and Female sign at the toilet entrance. Creative isn't it?
Setting off the firecrackers.
There was an event at night for the tourists staying in the villa. Activities such as gasing competition (陀螺比赛), 搓汤圆 and release the sky lantern.
财神爷 and pretty MC!
The spinning gasing.
I was practicing as I was participating for the competition. Played it quite well during practice. Unfortunately, I didn't win the competition, maybe I was too nervous but still happy!
Helped for the demo of the correct way of releasing the sky lantern.
Say cheese!!
O-lu-lu (Hokkien), the security guard of the villa! :)

Phew~~~ it's the end of day 2.
 Such a long post. ><

Enjoy reading.
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