oGIP Info Session in Olympia College Penang

28 Jan 2014

Oh, wait a minute.. didn't I mention that I'm an AISECer?
Now you know.hehe

Just in case you have never heard of AIESEC.
'AIESEC is an international not for profit organization that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities at for-profit and not for profit organizations.'
Google it if you are still not sure what we are doing and curious about it.

Yea, so I am going to share about what we did last Monday. My department, oGIP (outgoing Global Internship Programme) went to Olympia College Penang for an info session to brief the students about this programme. As the name suggest, yes, it's about sending people to do their internships abroad or to work in overseas. Isn't that sounds interesting?

Speaking of that, going overseas has always been my dream. I have always been wanting to study abroad since young but I have no chance to go overseas for my tertiary education as my family financial status doesn't allow me to do so. So I ended up studying in USM which is also consider a good thing for me. But I still hope that at least I can go for a summer programme before I graduate. *finger crossed* Pray hard. Otherwise, to work abroad is also a good choice too!

So, what is oGIP all about??
It is also known as Global Talent Programme which provides an opportunity to work abroad ranging from 4 to 18 months averagely. We focus in 3 main fields which are Marketing, Business Administration and Information Technology. Don't you think it would be attractive if you get to put this unique experience in your CV? I would say that this is not easy but it's totally worth it! As you get to work in diversified teams, gain professional experience and also global network. These are the things that you hardly can get by doing your internship locally. You know, Malaysians' culture. nah nah nah.. If you know what I mean. 

Let's see some photos of the day!!
The MC of the day! Mickie!!
The audience. They reached earlier than we expected.
You can know how boring it is by looking at their poker face. lol

Here comes the 1st speaker. Ie Vonn.
She gave a short introduction about what's AIESEC.
Ehem, that smile was so awkward.
Me, was explaining about Global Internship Programme.
Opps, why am I crossing my leg?!
Wrong example!!
Videos were being played.
We expect the event to be end at around 11.30am, but unexpectedly it ended before 11am. 
The seven of us.
From left : Olivia, Mickie, Ie Vonn, Me, Hwee Kuen, Leonard, Zheng How
Once again, thanks to Olympia College Penang!

'You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.'
Step out of your comfort zone to do something with your life that matters. As the saying goes, success is on the other side of your comfort zone.

If you have any doubts regarding Global Internship Program or if you are interested to know more about it, do not hesitate to drop me a comment!
I will try my best to clear your doubts!

Signing Off!

Happy Birthday mama!!

25 Jan 2014

생일축하합니다 엄마! hehe..It means Happy Birthday mom!

19th January is the day my mom was born. There is no word I can use to describe how amazing this woman is. She is the strongest, the most understanding and caring woman I ever know. I would not be where I am today without her. Although there are times that I have made you upset or I might be rude to you sometimes, but it wouldn't take long for us to recover. You are the most beautiful woman to me, both inside and out. The unconditional love you have for us is the best thing in life. So this blog post is exclusively for you!

Well, I was really looking forward to celebrate this big day with you,mummy!

Mom decided to have her birthday dinner at Oh Sushi @ Straits Quay. This is the second time we came, the last time was like 2 years ago? It was after my audition for Vogue for Virtue in Queensbay. How come I can remember it so well?? hpmmm...
Some of the photos of the birthday dinner.
Chicken teriyaki set.
A candid shot of my bro. Shhhh..he will come to me if he sees this.hahaa
Kimchi with pork. This is real delicious!
Something like korean food. Wrap the kimchi,garlic and meat in the vege and nomnomnom!
Happy Family~!
2 pieces of humble beginnings mille crepe.
A simple yet warm birthday celebration.

Once again, Happy Birthday to my mom and at the same time who is also my sister, best friend and momager. hahaha I just can't tell you how much I love you through words. I am really grateful  and blessed that I have someone like you as my mother. Stay happy all the time because happy mom = happy family!hehehe.

PS : Writing this post only I realized that there are soooo few photo of us. Next time I should just 'force' mommy to take photo with me. hehhee!

New Year Resolutions!

19 Jan 2014

Bello!! Finally I'm back to my blog. 
I am sorry that I didn't update my blog for sooooo long.
Can't believe that I have neglected my blog for 2 months. >< I was so busy with assignments, mid term exams, presentations and finals, they come one after another, never ending assignments and exams. I only have time after my final, you know.. local uni students are very busy.. (hmmmm,excuses..) *feeling guilty* So, I just finished my exams 3 day ago. Who's that genius who came up with the idea of arranging our exams during Christmas and New Year. Seeing people posted photos on how they celebrated Christmas and New Year and I was counting down with my books is not good at all.

Alright, I am not here to brag about how busy I was.
So, this post is supposed to be about my new year resolutions, I hope I am not too late to post this. It's better late than never, right? 

Actually every year I set a few goals for myself to achieve, but I never write it down somewhere, then I tend to forget about it. (Not a good example!!) I remember I read about a book, it says that when you set a goal for yourself, tell somebody about the goal, because once you let people know, you can't take your words back then you will work towards it and it is better if he/she can monitor you. So, this year I am going to write it on my blog, so that I can always refer it back and also as a reminder for myself.

#1   Study smart, play hard.  I have only 2 semesters left before my internship and start working. It means that I am gonna step out to the society soon! I mean very very soon!! Sounds so scary.. unless I continue my studies. I gonna appreciate my remaining university life, really hope that I can study consistently and no more last minute studies. (I said that every time and never happen..hahaha. Everytime before final, I was like 'I don't have enough time to study!! I am not going to study last minute the next semester!!) Besides study, I will play hard like nobody's business! Of course, will achieve a balance between studies. I have to keep up my grades and maintain in dean list.

#2   Lose weight!  Well, some people said I am slim enough, don't have to lose weight. But it's because I am tall, there's still some parts that I am not satisfy with. You know, girls will never satisfy with their body and no matter how slim they are, they will still have something to complain about. On diet is something really need a lot of determination and discipline, I always give up half way.

#3   Do what I love and love what I do.  Stop complaining and be an adult. In life, there are things that you can't avoid. Like it or not, you still have to face it. The only thing I can do is to think positive! Instead of wasting time complaining, why not try to love what you do.

#4   Be committed to my blog.  Yea, have been few months since I manage this blog. I didn't really put much effort in it. I shouldn't be taking BUSY as my excuse la..Speaking of that, it's because of my poor time management that made me no time to update. In the end, I have a lot of pending post to be updated. aiz. so, this is a must-achieve-goal! I will try my best to arrange my time to update. Hope I really do. *finger crossed*

#5   Be optimistic.  Actually what I meant is care less of what people think of me. I used to care what people think of me a lot and sometimes feel really insecure. But I am trying to change as this is my life, I shouldn't be worrying about what everyone else thinks. All in all, be optimistic!!

So basically, these are my new year resolutions. Hope that a year from now, I will achieve all of them or at least half of them. ><

By the way, I just had my haircut and I am all set for CNY!!!! weeee~~ angpaossssss..
Selfie for my new hairdo, what do you all think? hehe :)

Signing off to bed.
Good night!

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