26 Feb 2014

When was the last time you were genuinely happy? What was the last thing that put a smile on your face? Who was the last person who shared the happiness with you? As we grow, there are more and more things that we need to deal with, we are too busy until we forgot to be happy or I should say do not have time to be happy. All of us strive for happiness in life. Many people probably think achievements such as education, marriage, social or financial status will make them happy. We tend to delay our happiness.

I will be happy when... I graduate.
I will be happy when... I get a promotion.
I will be happy when... I own my dream house.

The list goes on and on.......until

I will be happy when... I retire.

Then what happens after you retire? Spend half of your lifetime pursuing illusions?

Happiness can be really simple, it's a choice that we make after all. All you have to do is to live in the present moment and be grateful of what we have right now.

Here comes the main topic. The thing I want to share with you is this!

It's a challenge called #100happydays to see whether you can be happy for 100 days continuously. When I first found this challenge I did not straight away sign up because I know myself well, I will do it for the first 3 days then forgot everything about it. It took me some time to actually think through and finally I signed up! Really hope I can go all the way to the 100th day. Good part of it is that you will learn to see both sides of everything and try to find happiness even from the slightest thing.

How does it work?
All you have to do is to take a picture of what make you happy and post it to a platform of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr or email). You can make it public by using public hashtag #100happydays, limit your publicity by making your own hashtag or you can even make it private by sending your photos to 100happdays.com

Why would I do that?
If you manage to find your happy moments in 100 days continuously, you will get a little 100 page book with your 100 happy days in it! I think after the 100 days, it will become your habit to find happy moments everyday, then you will be happy every single day! Don't you think that's good? hehe

How can I sign up?
Go to here and scroll to the bottom, fill in your details and you're ready to go! You can start this challenge anytime. I start it today!

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Be happy!!!

Penultimate semester in USM

25 Feb 2014

Brownie is back to school againn!!
Opps, I think i never introduce this cute little thing before.
He's brownie! one of my sleeping partner!Lol.he used to sit on my bed all day coz he's too small to hug. Le bf keep comparing himself to this cute thing coz he's jealous!
Well,it's been a week since school reopen.
As always, management students are very free during the 1st week. Not sure other courses are the same.
The 1st class is all about explaining course outline and arranging tutorial time.
 No lecture, No tutorial. That's why.
Spent my weekend for AIESEC MT Camp, changed our department's direction in order to achieve our goals. Hope it works.

Last sem's grades wasn't that good.
I need to work extra harder for this semester.
I wanna graduate with dean list. At least.
Seriously, my timetable for this semester is really packed.
4 credit hours for all 5 subjects is no joke.
How busy can I be?
I thought this sem has less subjects then I will have more time to blog.
uh oh..let's hope that I really have the time to update.
Please stay with me..

I am no longer so active in activities like how I was in my year 1.
That time, everything was so fresh and new to me, I just wanted to try them all.
To equipped myself with various skills, to know more people.
So, I joined jazz band, dance group, Cny committee, AIESEC and etc..
But now all I want is just a nap in the afternoon.
and maybe more time to study and blog.

I finally bought a new phone!!
Guess what?!!
 I choose Note 3 over iphone 5S.
Have been wanting 5S all the while, but in the end I bought Note 3.hahaha
Because it's bigger, and the camera is better!
13mp for the back camera!
hhehehe..definitely can take clear pictures.
If I forgot to bring my camera, I can still use my phone to capture and blog about it!
I think that's the reason..uhm.
I found that there's a lot of functions in Note 3, just that you have to explore it, haven't finish exploring..I think i'm gonna write a post about the features that I like.

Oh yeaaa!! Did I mentioned that me and my coursemates 'break the code'?
Wanting to try it since before final.
We picked the easiest room, I mean the room that most people managed to escape from it.
But still..we failed.
The game is nothing to do with intelligence.
The reason why we were unable to escape from it is mainly because we are not observant enough. (I think soo..0.o)
The clues are there, you just need to be really observant and attentive to search out for the clues.
We weren't observant enough, keep searching for clues in the wrong direction.
Anyway, we still had fun. will be back to challenge the harder one!
(If you're a student, remember to bring your student card to get 10% discount)

Ending this post with a recent favourite song of mine.
Can't stop listening this song. Deeply in love.
Miracles in December by Exo

That's all for today.
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Sweet 14th Feb'14

20 Feb 2014

So finally, it's time again for Valentines! Yay for me, nay for my bf I guess since he has to think and plan of what to do and where to bring me for this Valentine's Day. Well, this is going to be a post full of foodies!! hahaaa.

Luckily for this year, I finally have my fringe back. Last year, prior to CNY, I went to a hair salon..and I wanted to cut my fringe at the eyebrow level but the stylist cut my fringe way above the eyebrow level. Oh gosh, come to think about it, I was so ugly and hideous back then. Eff! Good thing it has been one year and my fringe is finally back.

Alright, back to the topic. So before da day, le bf kept saying that he was so nervous. He was afraid that I won't like his preparation nor his gift. Am I that hard to be satisfied? I guess so? hahaa..Or he just does not understand what girls really want. He kept saying that it is a good thing since he won't be able to woo other girls. (nahhh..excuses.) Hmm, what do you guys think?

Le bf picked me up at around noon we went to Pit Stop no.12 to have our 'lunch'. It took us 3 rounds to finally locate a parking spot, not to mention it was an illegal parking spot. But since the weather was so hot, we figured that the authorities won't be around to give out summon. We were ready to take the chance.
Anyway, Pit Stop no.12 serves all day breakfast. So if you are into western breakfast, just like my bf does, then Pit Stop will be your choice.

Dear ordered Big Breakfast which consists of smoked salmon, bacon and two eggs. I wonder why he loves bacon so much.....And since I just had my breakfast before departing, I just ordered Mushroom Soup.
My soup was being served first and frankly speaking, the portion was okay. I like the soup and I think it consists of nuts in the soup.

Dear's Big Breakfast comes next and at that time, he was so hungry. Since he has big appetite, the portion was really small according to him and even after finishing our food, he was still feeling hungry and so, we decided to look for any cafe nearby for our second stop of the day. LOL.

We decided to go to Roti Bean to fill his fat fat stomach since it was located just opposite of Pit Stop. I had been here back in November with my mum and I love the egg benedict so much. Roti Bean is just a small cafe. It has only like few tables upstairs. The staircase is quite steep so you guys might wanna be more cautious when going there.
Anyway, ever since my Dear tasted smoked salmon from Mugshot, he is in love with smoked salmon and so, we ordered smoked salmon egg benedict.
Sunny egg toast!
Homemade soybean.
They also have townbikes to be rented. So if you're looking for some outdoor/family activities, you can consider this. 

Finally after two cafes, he is now full and we then moved on to Hin Bus Depot for Ernest Zacharevic exhibition. It was the last day of the exhibition and finally we were here for his exhibition. If you don't know who is him, well, he is actually the painter of numerous mural painting in Georgetown. Such talented individual.

I got to say, it was a very very very hot afternoon and the sun was killing me!! *hotdieme* It can literally rip apart my skin. The exhibition was actually smaller than I thought, but that did not exhaust its amazingness.
The must-take photo if you're here. Photobombed by auntie...too bad..nawww..
Just posting a few special ones, not to boring you guys.hee
Weird me...

dress : hutz fashion | sling bag : aldo | boots : santa barbara

After a short visit at his exhibition, we were soaked in sweat. The weather was getting hotter and hotter and we got to find somewhere, just anywhere with aircond. Gurney Paragon was our next stop. Gosh, the feeling of aircond was fantastic. And once we reached there, we saw some commotion on the first floor. It seemed to us that there were people filming movie down there. And you know us Malaysians, whenever we see something new, rest assure that there will be people surrounding there to look at the happening. Noticed there was one pretty actress and I somehow felt her silhouette of the lady looked familiar. A closer look confirmed my hunch that the lady was none other than one of the FHM top 100 most wanted girls in the world-Venice Min. Oh myyy godd!! I am a fan of her! I think she is way tooo pretty!! She was in a movie with artists from Taiwan. I believe in the movie, Venice Min is married/in a relationship with cheng wei min, a comedian from Taiwan. He is very easily recognized if you have see him before. (You know why!)

Feeling British? How about an afternoon tea in TWG Tea Salon. Awwww...finally it has came to Penang! It will be hard to not notice it. It was all gold. Yeah, gold. The whole theme of the Tea Salon was gold. Everything was gilded in gold and that made them look royalty.
Even the teapot is gilded in gold!!
Then photo time!! This place is tooo pretty for me not to take photos.

He's sooo shy in front of the camera.
At first, I thought it was the typical sandwich that we used to eat, but their sandwich looked like this! Anyway, it's nice but the portion was a bit small. ><
lolll....playing with macarons!

Then, it was time for dinner and yes, my Valentine's Day was three words: Eat, Eat and Eat! Dear intended to bring me to a fine dining dinner. However, most of the fine dining restaurant only served Valentine' Day menu on that night and god were them expensive. Being a considerate gf, I told him that it's okay to dine at just any place.

Last year Valentine, we dined in JL Western Food and we decided to do the 'same' this time. However, instead of going to JL Western Food, we went to the other chain restaurant serving similar menu-Mizi Bistro. It was located at New World Park, around 5 to 10 minute drive away from Gurney. The menu was more or less the same with that of JL Western Food and we were quite familiar with that already. Didn't take any photos for that because I was kinda tired already.

So that was pretty much my Valentine's Day. Basically, it was full of eating and running here and there, I was really really full!! Gotta jog for few more rounds. Thanks to dear planning all these, and I know it wasn't easy. You were so afraid that I might not like it. But I really enjoyed and thanks for your gift too. Hahahaha.. (you know why!)  I'm glad to have you be there with me on this day, if not I gonna scroll my FB seeing all my friends posting Valentine's photo. Not gonna say much here and stop here then. Hope you guys enjoy your Valentine's Day too. Valentine's Day should not only on 14th Feb, if you're with the right one, everyday is Valentine's day.

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February is the month of love

13 Feb 2014

February is a month full of love! Love is in the air. It's such a coincidence that Valentine's Day and the last day of Lunar New Year falls on the same day. Couples must be anticipating this special day to celebrate with their special ones whereas it's just an ordinary day for those who are single. For everyone out there, whether you have a date or not, whether you celebrate it or not, I would like to wish you Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day stands for the love, and it does not have to be love between couples. If you are still single, you can extend your love to your friends and family. Have a meal or spend some quality time with them and you will be spending 14th of February just like other couples out there. *Who says singles can't celebrate Valentine's day* 

And for those who are in a relationship, I bet most of you are in the midst of preparing and planning how to celebrate Valentine's day. Of course, one of the many dilemma you will face before Valentine's Day will be what to get for your other half. So how is your gift coming along? Getting gifts especially for men can be hard, I often stuck on the idea of what present to get for him. If you are still unsure of what to get for your loved one, here's a few tips for you.

For him
#1 Chocolates
What's Valentine's Day without loads of chocolates. Chocolates is one of the most conventional gift items of Valentine's Day and they will never fail to melt your valentine's heart. If you want to add your personal touch to it, you can personalized your chocolates by making it your own. There are even shops selling chocolates where you can customized your chocolates. 

#2 Wallet
When contemplating a gift, I would rather go for something practical. A nice leather wallet would be nice gift for him as they get to use it everyday. Besides that, he will think of you whenever he uses the wallet. Don't you think it's sweet? awww..

#3 Belt
Belts are one of men's must-have accessories and is often neglected. Get him a belt which can be used for both formal and casual occasions.

#4 Watch
An elegant watch made an elegant valentine's gift. It's a perfect gift for him if he's always late for your date, it will be constantly reminding him of you. Buy him a leather wrist if he prefers leather or go for a classy metallic wrist watch.

#5 Gadgets
Most guys gone crazy for gadgets. If you were to give him the newest gadget he has longed for, say an iPad, he will be more than happy to receive it. But of course, if you're on a budget, you might need to consider the other options. 

For her
#1 Chocolates
I believed every girl would like to receive chocolates from her loved one. Treat your loved one with  a romantic chocolate gift.

#2 Flowers
Roses are the symbol of romance. You can't go wrong with this classic Valentine's gift. Different colors and numbers of roses have different meanings, make sure you get it right and surprise your loved one.

#3 Perfume
Fragrance is something very personal. You might go wrong if you do not know well which fragrance is right for your valentine. Some scent might smells good on you but it does not smells good on her. You need to be really careful and observant to surprise her with perfume.

#4 Dress
Women will never have enough dress/clothes. A sexy and elegant dress is a great gift for her and bring her out to town to a fine dining restaurant for a candle light dinner. 

#5 Jewelry
Necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings. You're sure to see your valentine's face light up on this special day.

And of course, if you're on a budget, you can DIY your own valentine's gifts which is much more cheaper. You can even DIY a Valentine's card which I think it's really sweet. Writing a love letter for your other half is also a good idea, I know it's kinda old-school. But I think it's really romantic when somebody spend their time thinking of you and write you a love letter. I bet not many of you ever received a love letter, what I meant is handwritten ones. lolll.. If you have ever received any, then you should really keep it!! It would be so nostalgic when you read it after many years.  As you know, guys nowadays express their affection through social media or messages, most of them don't write letters anymore.  

Anyway, I think what matters most is to appreciate the people that spend time with you, you never know how long they'll be here. So before it's too late, cherish those people who love you and the people you love. 

Just keep in mind that Valentine's gifts don't have to be exceptionally expensive, the best gifts are those that truly come straight from the heart.

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Namoo @ Gurney Plaza

- Permanently Closed -

This is a long loooong looooooong post.
As you know I was kinda busy for exams and stuff during end of year 2013.
alright alright, I know, stop the excuses.

Moooooo!! It's Namooooooo!
I believe most of you have heard of it.
Just in case you don't know, Namoo is actually a new korean restaurant located in Gurney Plaza, might be a few months old by now.
I think we don't have such Korean cafes in Penang until Namoo came into Malaysia.
I have been noticing this korean dessert cafe and bistro for a while and I finally got the chance to try it out in around mid of November.
Really sorry for delaying this post for sooo long. *innocent face*

My sister aka my matriculation lecturer decided to treat me a meal at Namoo as my birthday treat. I think I have mentioned about her in my previous post.

The simple yet modern interior design and relaxing ambiance is definitely a good choice for you to chill out with your friends and family. 
It's really comfortable and I swear I can sit there whole day to chill with my girlfriends.
<3 this place!
Caring design with a hook under the table for ladies to hang their bag!

When I first looked at the menu, I had no idea what to order. (Felt like order all of them! hahaha) So, we asked the waitress for help. She was very friendly and recommended us some of their signature dishes.
Bibi Rice Burger | RM 21.90
Grilled juicy chicken and mixed vegetables with sesame namoo bibi sauce, served on a grilled rice bun and egg.

This was my first time trying rice burger, surprisingly it tasted really good! It comes with three side dishes - kimchi, fries and salad. I love how kimchi matched with the burger. I'm a kimchi lover!!! I highly recommend this dish. I believe burger lovers with definitely love it.

Spicy Seafood Ramyun  |  RM 18.90
Korean ramyun noodle with prawn, mussel, seafood and egg in chef's special soup.

I have always been a big fan of ramen and god I could not describe how much I love this. Even though it is called Spicy Seafood Ramyun, it's actually not spicy at all. As a matter of fact, I tasted a little bit of sweet upon putting it into my mouth. It was so good that I indulged into it almost immediately.

Right : Milky Hwa Che  |  RM12.90
Korean-styled fruit punch with sweet milk. Kiwis and strawberries are fresh!
Left : Namoo Fruit Water  |  RM10.90
Korean special punch water with fresh peach iced cubes.

From their names, I expected something special but the drinks were just normal. Nothing particularly special about that. But I am okay with that since drinks are not my main consideration anyway. The main dish were so good and I cared less about the mediocre drinks.

Sweet Potato Cake  |  RM12.90
One of their signature desserts, it's not the ordinary cake that you can find somewhere else. It tasted as if the filling of a mooncake. This cake isn't too sweet that you will feel cloying but still sharing is recommended. It's a good choice for ladies on diet just like me as it is fully made of sweet potato. A healthy dessert indeed.

Seriously, I was damn full after eating this. Never know this small piece of cake can be so filling.
Plain water in bottles are provided to all customers and it is FOC.

This is the entrance with a photo booth for customers to take photos.
Will definitely revisit this cafe again!!

Namoo (Korean dessert cafe and bistro)

04-226 4810
 170-G-40, Gurney Plaza, Pesiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang. 
(Right beside Black Canyon)
Weekdays : 10am to 10pm
Weekends : 10am to 11.30pm
Instagram : #namoocafe_penang

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