Dad's Birthday Dinner at Yeng Keng Hotel

31 Mar 2014


It was dad's birthday last week. Happy Birthday Dad!! Seeing the card sticking on the wall that I made for you when I was 11 reminded me that it has been a few years that bro and me didn't give you a present *feeling guilty*, But I think what matters most is the heart to celebrate together right? All of us sit together and have a meal is definitely much more precious than a gift.

So, last friday we had a very random birthday dinner around Georgetown as mom wanted to go to Big Bad Wolf. Then, mom suggested to have Hainanese cuisine in Yeng Keng Hotel. I never heard of this hotel, and it sounded like some kind of motel. lol..


A heritage boutique hotel located at the heart of UNESCO World Heritage city of Georgetown. Yeng Keng Cafe & Bar serves a mixture of Hainanese and Western dishes. 
Dining in Yeng Keng Cafe & Bar has brought me back to the 70s. Marble topped tables and semi circle booths are spread over the area and framed black and white photos are hanged. 
Their menu.

While waiting for the food, mom and me went to take a walk around the hotel. I took some photos of it. Hee
The Lobby.
20140321_194802 comes the food!

Hainan mee - Stir fried yellow noodles with chicken and vegetables. Hmm, nothing special. Just another plate of noodles.
Creamy mushroom soup. They have two types of mushroom soup, another one is hainanese mushroom soup which is thinner in texture. I prefer the creamy one!
Hainanese Chicken Chop. (Highly recommended!) This is really really nice. I don't usually order chicken chop when it comes to western food, because I don't really like chicken and normally chicken chop used to be very dry. But this Hainanese Chicken Chop served topped wiith gravy, green pea, potato and mushrooms. The waiter said most people ordered this, I guessed it's their signature dish.
Chicken Maryland. Apparently, this is really dry although they do serve it with mayonnaise. 
Hainanese Style Spaghetti Vongole. Okay, I don't know what does Vongole means, I ordered this because it's hainanese style I guessed? Haha..just being curious how hainanese style spaghetti taste like. Well, it tasted like aglio olio and nothing special.

Saw something interesting, the dessert was flamed up with liquor before it was served. I came back and google it and found that it is called Bomb Alaska specially made by the chef! Gonna try it next time!

Family Photo! Cheeseee. :)
And ends with a selfie of myself! :P

Yeng Keng Cafe & Bar
Yeng Keng Hotel,
362 Lebuhu Chulia,
10200 Penang
04-262 2177

Hair Makeover

26 Mar 2014

Finally have my hair done after a long hesitation whether to get my hair curled. You know, when it comes to making decisions, I am gonna face dilemma, it happens almost everytime. I can't help it, this is one of the traits of a Libra. *Trying to blame the*  I need to do a lot of mental preparation ma *roll eyes*, especially after the incident which I simply go into a saloon to get my hair trimmed because new year was around the corner, all the saloons were full, so there was this saloon that I simply bumped into is available then I don't wanna wait anymore, so I cut my hair there. But then, after that I was soooo regret because the guy cut my fringe until soooo short, above eye brow you know, can you imagine that? To make things worse, I was having a modelling performance in a month time, how can my hair grow back to normal in a month? So, most of the photos that were taken during the performance were sooo ugly. Well, nevermind they were all past.

Alright, class was changed to night time today and I have whole day long. So, I went to Coiffure House in the afternoon for hair curled. It's a new saloon just officially started their business around a month ago. I knew about it through le bf's aunty who used to visit them for her hairdo. Le bf cut his hair there too. 
While waiting and there's nothing better to do, so selfie!
Another one.

I kinda like the place, although they didn't really renovate, but I really fond of interiors with all white. Simple yet classy. Instead of hanging mirrors on the wall, they used easel to place their mirrors as if every customers are their masterpieces. You are like witnessing an artist transforming you into a piece of art. See the guy behind? He's my hairstylist - Gzno. He's cute! haha

Plain water and snacks were being serve. Nice right?
Makeover in process. Okay, I know this is awkward. Let's move on to the result.
Before. Looked so dull.
Tadaa.. only the ends are curled. Ignore the black roots. hee
Opps, sorry for scaring you. I was annoyed with my fringe that keep dropping and block my view!
My fringe are too straight, that's why I can never have centre parting hair.
Okay, a better one but still covering my eye.

You know how hard is it to get a good selfie without letting my fringe covering my eyes when my hair is soo silky soft and smooth after they washed my hair. lol.. 
A candid shot randomly taken by bf.
It's actually a triple storey house @ Nautilus Bay, Sungai Pinang. It's somewhere near to the ubah bird.
It shouldn't be hard to find, look for a corner house with the banner. Or you can just call to ask for exact location. Also, better call for appointment to avoid disappointments.

Address : Nautilus Bay 50 Lebuh Sungai Pinang Tiga,
                11600 Sungai Pinang, 
                Pulau Pinang
Hp         : 04 - 281 0815  
FB         : Coiffure House
Alright, till here.


15 Mar 2014

We all know the traditional Valentine's day, but do you know that every 14th of the month is also Valentine's day? 'What? every month? Are you serious?' I guessed this is what's in your mind right now. Yea, you heard it right. They even have specific names for each of it. I don't know all of them but yesterday was White Valentine's day. I don't really celebrate, if I do, I think he will be fainted out because he has to prepare presents for every month?! (I actually don't mind receiving gifts every month *evil laugh*) And I am not a demanding gf (I think I am not..yea, I'm sure I'm not!), but yet try to be a bit romantic since it's a friday (we don't have classes on friday!!), so I suggested why not we go for a short date. Since we are still quite free before we are overwhelmed by tons of assignments and mid term exams.

We went to chill at Coffee Element in All Seasons as he has been eager to try out the bagel. He is in love with bagels recently. I believe most of you guys went there before already. There's another outlet in Gurney Paragon but it is relatively a much smaller outlet there.

Anyway, I love the interior design that fused with a modish yet playful twist with doodles drawn on the wall. It's definitely a laid-back place where you can spend your afternoon there reading novels while having your cup of coffee. It will be a nice place to blog too! Yea, perhaps next time I will go there to blog.

The counter. All their food and beverage are written on the menu board. Oh ya, you can see there's 2 glass bottles at the bottom left corner, they served plain water with FOC and it's self-service, just serve yourself if you want it.
See the doodle on the wall? That's one of it, there's more on the other side of the wall but too bad I  did not take a picture of it. 
The outside area.
Have a burger!!
Smoky salmon bagel and banana choco milkshake. We didn't order much because we just had our lunch. Wanted to try their mushroom soup but already sold out. 

After that, I went shopping with mom at Queensbay, mom wanted to buy sport shoes for herself. She ended up didn't buy anything but I bought a pair of Tiamo flats.  Actually wanted to buy 2 but trying hard to resist the temptation, I bought 3 already before new year and there's one pair haven't been wearing yet.
Heart it! <3

Spot my cute casing!
Queensbay is having a booth beside the information counter for people to write their blessings to MH370. I fold the crane myself! Hope that my blessings can be sent to the passengers of the missing plane and wish they are safe. Though hope is frail, we should not give up. Pray for them!

Thousands of paper cranes that will bring them luck and good health.

Life is short, you will never know what is going to be happened the next moment, so live life to the fullest and no regrets!

Signing off.

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New Found Hobby

11 Mar 2014

Gonna blog about something random today.
Was so tired that I have class from 9am to 5pm every Monday. 
Of course, there's short gaps between classes.
But still, tired la wey.. I want some nap!!

Well, the air-cond in the lecture hall this morning was not functioning. To make things worse, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt (trying to be a prim and proper student, lol..) But luckily, the aircond was finally working after some time. The seats were so comfortable and lecturer was telling 'bedtime stories' plus the cozy environment, I barely keep myself awake. 

So, I had to do something to make myself awake. Then, I saw bf sitting beside me was concentrating playing his new game on his iPad. I decided to be a little naughty and mischievous.
This was what I did, I pinched his screen, causing his iPad to close down the game and go back to the main screen. Being patient, he opened back the game and tried to continue with his game. But little did he know that I not yet had enough of fun. I repeated my act again, he opened back the game again, and this continued for a few times until I somehow 'accidentally' pressed the restart button. He yelled (not really yelled cause we were having lecture ma) : I reached the 19th wave already!!! 6 more to go to complete this level!(Opps, he had been working on that level for 30 minutes.)

Well, this is the game that he is so obsessed with called Defense zone.

I felt sorry >< I did not have the intention to do that, I just wanted to disturb him (for fun!!) I thought he would be annoyed and get mad at me but he didn't!! He looked at me like this ><. Yeah, exactly the same as this expression ---> ><. hahaha
He continued with his game, playing that level all over again.
However, was too boring, I just can't resist the urge to disturb him. Then, I did that again, disturbing him, not letting him to play his game. And....I accidentally pressed 'Restart' again. He almost banged his head! hahaha.

Luckily this time our coursemate who's also playing this game told him that he don't have to play it all over again, there's a continue button at the corner. He was relieved but I laughed at him, he didn't noticed the 'continue' button earlier, if not he won't be wasting his half an hour and another half an hour to replay it. Hahaha. I am an evil!!! This has become one of my hobby. I told him that I have found a new hobby which is to bully him! hahahhaa

My coursemate sitting in front of us was also playing. Lol..

In another way, this prank of mine actually reminded me that he is such a good bf. He is patient, good-tempered and he has really high EQ. He can control his temper really well that I didn't really see him angry before. I mean honestly, some guys especially serious gamer will easily get annoyed and get mad at their girlfriends if they are trying to disturb while they're playing games. Games are ranked at the top priority over their girlfriends when it comes to playing games. It's just a game, why so serious? 'Die then die la, just restart and play it again.' Right??

对你最好的人,往往是最好欺负的人。 So true. We used to bully the one who treat us the best because we are pretty sure that they won't leave us no matter what happens. We just know. When you have found the one, treat him/her right and cherish him!

He changed his hairstyle which I think suits him quite well too!

That's all for today!
Gonna off to bed.
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