Vogue for Virtue Memoir

30 Apr 2014

I am back to here again after suffering for mid-terms and also my wisdom tooth extraction. Yay!
Vogue for Virtue(V4V), a yearly CSR project by Queensbay Mall just ended a few days ago. So, why am I writting this? Was I in this year V4V? Nope. But I was there 2 years ago. And I wanted to share the wonderful memory with you all.

My friends who joined this competition with me 2 years ago joined again this year, they actually asked me to join together but too bad that I don't have time for that. If you happened to go to Queensbay last week, you will see the stage design for this year was all black as it's the colour that can give an impression of elegance.
It was all white 2 years ago. Both are nice but I somehow feel that black is more grand.

I didn't know what got into me that I actually had the courage to submit the registration form. I vaguely remember that that time when I knew about V4V was just after the Chinese New Year event in USM and I was one of the models for the fashion show. Since I enjoyed modelling so much and I was still having the dream of becoming a model, and there I went and contested in V4V. 
Photo taken during audition.
That year got a lot of potentials and it was so competitive. I didn't put on high hopes. Just joined for fun. And guess what? 

I got into semi-final!!
The supermodel, Amber Chia was there as our judge. Aww, so lucky that I can meet her in person.
She taught us some tips before the semi-final which I think it's really really useful. When we're doing catwalk, our arms should be a little behind our body so they look a bit more slimmer than tugging our arms side by side. Our arms are more relaxed and the shape of the body is more obvious. Try it yourself if you don't believe!

Oh my, I looked awful. pfff.
All the finalist!

One of the schedule for the competition was to go to an orphanage house. Since I mentioned earlier that V4V is a CSR project, definitely we have to show some love to the community!

All these kids were very happy when we were there, they were neither afraid nor shy. They were really happy to have such a big bunch of 'gor gor jie jie ' to visit them and played with them. Some of them even came to approach us themselves and asked for a hug. Awww..*heart melts* The crews bought them chocolates and some snacks too, nothing is happier than seeing a smile on their face. They are not as lucky as us, we might think that 'well, just chocolates' but to them it's more than that. A visit to orphanage house reminded me that I am so much more lucky than them and should be grateful of it!

Here goes the Grand Finale!

I could only find a few of these photos. Anyway, although I didn't win but it was an AWESOME experience! At least I tried. :)

Photos : Vogue for Virtue FB page (Here)

[Toastmaster] Ice Breaking!

13 Apr 2014

I am sure most of you must have heard of Toastmaster, if you never heard of it before or it sounds familiar to you but you do not know what exactly it does, then perhaps you might want to read my previous post. I added a new label for Toasmasters!

Last Saturday was the third time I attended Toasmasters' meeting and it was my first speech. Every toastmasters will be doing their first speech with the topic Ice breaking. As the title suggests, it meant to break the ice! Hehe, it is supposed to be a speech to let others know more about you, that is why it is called ice breaking. For beginners, this would be the easiest topic, what you have to do is to talk about yourself! But it is tough for me, although I know myself quite well, but it's hard for me to express it out. Especially during interviews, when I were asked to introduce myself, I feel like banging my head, how am I gonna let the interviewers know all about me in just 2 minutes and impress them at the same time??!! Lol.. Not being exaggerate, everyone has only 60 seconds to make a good first impression. If you don't make use of that 60 seconds, then that's it, you never get a second chance. It's freaking true!!! According to psychologist, humans make their minds up about people between 30 to 60 seconds and during that time, they will have decided who you are. So, when you're giving a speech, your opening pitch should be catchy enough to attract people's attention.

Okay, that's my speech below.

My voice was soo weird, I just don't sound like myself. Lol.. I know I have a lot of 'erm, uh, a, eh, oh', my mind just got stuck for a while, okay, I know, many times. Sometimes, it's kinda unavoidable, when we need a pause to think or to recall what we have to say, we tend to 'uh..' to prevent awkward situations. Actually, it's advisable to pause without any sound than to say 'uh, erm, eh, oh..'. It's a habit needed to break and I assure you it needs a lot of practice because it has become our subconscious habit. Without those will definitely make you sounds more professional. Just simply pick a TED talk, all the talkers speak so fluent as if they are all master communicators.

One thing I like about Toastmasters' club is that they are all positive people, no matter how bad a person speak, they will have something good or positive to say. They won't give destructive criticisms as they all are the people who wants you to improve, to grow and to succeed. Especially for beginners, it's very important to build up your confidence to speak in front of a crowd. You can't expect to build your confidence overnight, it takes time. It will slowly build up every time you received positive and constructive comments for your speech. It's not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it.

Alright, that's my 1st speech. I know it isn't that good and it's my 1st project and I am STILL learning, please don't judge me okay? :) But I do really appreciate comments and constructive criticism! That's the way to improve, isn't it?

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One night in Texas!

10 Apr 2014

Volla!! Back from Texas! Nah.. Kidding.
I mentioned that I was going to perform last Friday night in my last post, remember? That was Valiram's company annual dinner at Four Point Sheraton Hotel. It was so so so so grand! I have never heard of this company before, so I googled. From what I know, Valiram is Asia- Pacific's leading specialist retailer and brand builder. It represents more than 150 brands in numerous categories from fashion & accessories, timepieces & jewellery, perfume  & cosmetics, to confectionery and dining concepts.

Anyway, back to the topic. We practiced the sketch for two nights and finally it's time for the show!! Well, the whole performance was around 5 minutes? I guessed. But when it comes to the real performance, everything came so fast, and it ended in like 1 minute. Lol.. I think I came out for only 15 seconds. Okay, a bit too exaggerate, 30 seconds I think.

Some photos before the event started. Too bad that I cannot manage to record a video. Awww..
The hall with wild wild west theme. Soooo grand.

The back stage.
Painting colours on red indian's face and body!
Me and  Liyi after dressed up and make up!
Hands down!!! Sheriff's here! :P

From Left : King (Waiter), Sam ( Cowboy), Weihan (red indian), Me! (Sheriff), Liyi (Waitress)
The team was ready to ROCK the night!!

Photo booth time! 
Everyone were so happy after the performance because it was time for our super late dinner!  

It's a really nice and sweet experience performing with them, and I enjoyed so much! The moment I stepped into the hall, when the crowd burst into cheers, I was overwhelmed. I enjoyed the limelight, I enjoyed the cheers, I enjoyed the runway. Although it wasn't a proper runway, but anyway I just love it. It wasn't a sketch for me as I wasn't really acting, I was doing catwalk. Lol.. It's totally my thing! One of them once asked me whether I like to wear high heels or flats, I answered I LOVE   wearing high heels but too bad that I am too tall to wear them. Who doesn't like heels? I mean most of the girls love heels right? But of course there's a part of you prefer flats. If I were to wear high heels, I guessed public will see me as an alien?! Guess it's the reason I love modelling because that's the only time I can wear high heels and you know that superior feeling when you're wearing them and they will certainly boost your confidence! I wish I am shorter. People wish to be taller and I wish to be shorter, humans can never get enough. Nevermind, be grateful of what I have. I am happy of who I am anyway. Am blessed for everything I have. Thanks god!

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Hello April!

4 Apr 2014

Hey guys! How are you doing? It's April now! Bye March! I'm doing well in March, hope my April will be awesome! 

Just going to do some updates of myself. My mid-sem break started from today! Say Yeah!! But too bad that I have all my mid term exams after this break, not really a break for me but a study week! I thought I could draft some blog post and schedule it for later so that I could keep my blog update even though I am busy. Seems like I don't have time for that, gonna spend my week with books. Not to worry! I will not let my blog die, some short updates maybe. 

I went back to Coiffure House to curled my hair again because my hair became straighter after I washed it a few times. Luckily my hairstylist is kind enough! Still need time to get used to my curly hair because I used to have straight hair all the while, curly hair needs more time to be taken care of. It's not like straight hair after wake up, I just need to brush my hair and I will have a good hair day! That's the price you have to pay to be pretty, right?

Tonight I have a sketch performance in Four Point Sheraton Hotel. It's a company annual event and their theme for the dinner is Wild Wild West. I am supposed to act as a Sheriff, to be more exact, a Sexy Sheriff! Cool right? What I have to do is to walk in sexy and make a gunshot then catwalk!! hahaha.. A very funny sketch! Practiced for two days with a bunch of funny people, they are all my seniors! Had a lot of fun and I am sure tonight will be awesome! Can't wait for it! 

End this post with a selfie! :)

Signing off! Stay tune for next post!

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