Toys Cafe @ Bishop Street, Georgetown Penang

24 May 2014


This is a way overdue post. Just finished my assignments and have some time to blog. I have a lot of pending post but final's coming, guess have to drag it till after finals. *tsk tsk tsk* Anyway, today gonna blog about a cafe that toys lovers would definitely love to visit. The owner uses bunch of toy figures for decoration, which then give rise to its name - Toys Cafe. This humble little cafe is situated at Bishop Street, just opposite RHB Bank.

Toys Cafe really live up to its name, and upon setting my foot inside, I was awed by what I see. From Batman to Superman, from Marvel to Warner Bros, from western superheroes to that of eastern, they are all under one roof. They are indeed #1SuperHeroes. *chuckle* All the superheroes are placed nicely in a cabinet, and are there for you to see, and of course, take pictures!!
Anime version of You're the apple of my eye. So cute right??
They are not only decoration, but there are lights in it!
Captain A and Superman! These toys figures look so real. I bet all these toys must be very expensive. Guess the collector must be spending a lot of money collecting them. 
Sooo cute that I wanted to bring them home laa. 
Tell you what, I think this is the only cafe that dear get so excited to visit because he loves toys a lot. He still collects Pokemon toys like a little boy. 
This is actually a sliding door. 

Hey, isn't this a cafe? Are we not supposed to order something? Now, let's see what this cafe has to offer.
Chicken burger. 
Seriously, I have forgotten the taste already but I have the impression that it's quite tasty. A little pricey though.
Such a pity that we didn't order hot coffee because they will have coffee arts such as the symbol of superman, batman, doraemon and other comics on top of the coffee. I don't feel like drinking hot drinks that day, so it will be a waste of money to order hot coffee just for the sake of the coffee art right? Hehe, somehow I am a wise consumer! 
Mushroom Soup.
I think it's so so only, nothing special. (Probably because of J.L Gourmet setting such high standard, haha)
We ordered two cakes. The one on the left is mille crepe with walnuts and I'm not sure what is that but it tasted sweet on the top. The right one is chocolate cheese cake. I prefer the mille crepe and I'm in love with it. Even tastier than humble beginnings. I would definitely come here again for the mille crepe. Looking at the pictures make me craving for it already. You must really try this!!!
A closer look. 
The happy boy.
Yours truly.
No doubt that this is a cozy place to hang around, but they have limited tables and seats, might not be accommodating for larger groups. The tables are too low for eating, after all it's definitely another good place for chit chat.  

Toys Cafe
67, Lebuh Bishop,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 012-4246426
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm. 
*Opens Daily

Girls date at Santorini Cafe and SugarHoney

19 May 2014

Spare some time to blog while in the midst of rushing assignments. One more to go then final is coming. Gonna start studying again. Anyway,  Ginna, Nana and me went for dinner last week at Santorini Cafe. just realized two of them have names end with Na.

We had our dinner quite late that day as I was having meeting so they have to wait for me. Had no idea where to have our dinner and Ginna suggested Santorini cafe so there we went. The toughest question ever - where to eat? It's funny that even we USM students have this trouble, I mean Penang is a food paradise and we are still facing this trouble of where to eat every single day. What if I were studying in a more rural state? I can't imagine. 

The interior of Santorini Cafe, we wanted to sit at the back section but too bad it's closed. They have very nice interior design at the back. At first, I thought that Santorini Cafe will be in blue and white because it's Santorini! Blue and white is the theme what, but okay, still nice. 
With the pretty Nana.
We are Jitsinese and USMers. Haha
Ice lemon tea and Mushroom soup.
Just add on Rm5 to make your meal a set.

The mushroom soup to me is just normal, still J.L gourmet's mushroom soup the best! 

Nana's order. I forgot the name but it's one of Santorini cafe's signature drink.
It tasted just like normal coffee.

Almond Fish Fillet RM14.90
Comes with bread and salad.
There's a taste of almond in the sauce, I think it's weird and I don't really like it. I think it would be better if it's white sauce with almond slice.

Coffee Chicken Chop RM13.90
Ginna wanted to be adventurous and she ordered this and turned out really good. The portion is huge with bread and salad. The price is really worth it for this huge portion of chicken.

Santorini Cafe
94,Jalan Burma,
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 04-2292776/ 016-4416039
Business Hours: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm
* Closed on Monday

After dinner, we wanted to go for second round because the night was still young!! Went to Love Bites (just beside piknik) but too bad that they don't serve toast after 10pm. Love Bites is famous for it's toast, but no toast for us, so we left and went to SugarHoney. So sad laa ><   "Hmph!" 

But it's okay because SugarHoney is also a nice place to chill!
BTW, SugarHoney is located at Campbell Street and it's just beside Moustache House. If you know where is Moutache House then you can definitely find SugarHoney.

The very cozy environment and the soft music made me fall in love with this place. The songs that they played on that night are all my favourite songs. They have cushions for customers to hug, it's a very nice place to chill with your friends.
SugarHoney cafe has a section that sells some cute little items like stickers, notebooks, handphone covers and etc.
I actually asked Ginna to pose like this. Hehe
This is Yours truly paying at the counter.
Various kinds of seashells and starfish are framed and hanged on the wall.
Spotted a quote at the white board. "A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step."
Hangover RM18.90
Three of us shared only one dessert because we were too full. As the name suggest, this dessert contained some alcohol in it, not in the waffle, but in the ice cream! There's some raisins in the ice cream too, it reminded me of rum and raisin but it wasn't. The ice cream is basically vanilla flavored with some syrup that contains alcohol. I don't know how should I describe it but it's very nice la. A perfect match with the waffle and the waffle is so crispy! I prefer waffle that is more crispy.

 What can three girls do in a cafe besides eating and chatting? Take photos la. It's cam-whoring time! #girlsbeinggirls

Luckily there's no boys with us that night, if not they will be damn annoying seeing this three super vain girls keep on cam-whore themselves. Taking the same photo of the food and selfies for 23431354 times, I also cannot tahan myself. hahaaa.

26, Lebuh Campbell,
10100 Georgetown, Penang
Contact: 04-2620622
Business Hours: Monday to Thursday, 12pm - 10pm
                      Friday to Sunday, 12pm to 12am
*Closed on Tuesday

Weekend Getaway in KL

9 May 2014

How's your holiday? I took a quick getaway to KL over the last weekend. Was planning to see my matriculation friends for quite some time since the last time I met them in Muar 2 years ago. It's a trip to gather with them and also to have my cravings fixed! Been seeing a lot of nice food in KL and this time I can finally tried them all and most importantly I get to go shopping!!! KL is always a shopping heaven!

FYI, I traveled down by Aeroline. The price is a bit pricey compared to other normal bus but I think it's totally worth every penny. It claims it's the convenient way to fly which means that Aeroline is giving you the same comfort of travelling by plane but it saves you the hassle of checking in and etc. The ticket cost RM60 and a round trip would be RM120. What you get for the premium price are business class seats, on-board crew to serve you food and drinks, on-board toilets, personal TV and etc. Besides that, I kinda like their service, they also have this waiting area for their customers to put their luggage while waiting for bus. A meal is provided too! Most importantly, the drivers are good and they don't speed.

Upon checking in, we headed for our first stop-金莲记 at Petaling Street.
滑蛋鸳鸯. Char hor fun has always been my favourite. We were supposed to share out this plate but I think I can just finish the whole plate.
福建面. It was really good, but a bit oily.

After that, we walked along Petaling Street while searching for some snacks. We had longan drink and the various-flavored-muachi too!

Filled with a full stomach, we headed to Bintang Walk next! Okay, this whole post will be full of food. Can't help, what I do the most during that 3 days was eat!  So, if you're hungry while reading this post then I think you might not want to read it? Lol..

Next stop - Tous Les Jour (prounouced as too-leh-joo)
Finally I am here!!! 
Oh gosh, they have various kinds of bread and all of them look tasty. For a bread lover like me, I really don't mind having my meals there everyday.
collage 1

I was totally indulge in the whole environment. You definitely want to visit here if you're around Bukit Bintang!

Next stop - Uncle Jang @ Subang
Uncle Jang has a few outlets around Selangor and even Johor. But why not Penang?!! Anyway, we have 4 person in total, and the minimum order should be 3 pax but we were too full and we don't want to waste food, who knows where's our next stop for supper? haha.. So, we negotiate with the owner, we said with our watery eyes that we were from penang and we came all the way just to try Uncle Jang. Loll.. The owner was so kind that she allowed us to order only 2 pax.
You can choose your Dak Galbi in Normal (RM19) or in Spicy (RM22). We chose the normal one. So, it came with cabbage, chicken fillet, sweet potato and rice cakes. You can also add on extra dishes like mushroom, rice, maggie, udon, ramen and etc. Joanne said udon is nice so we added udon!
Ready to be served!
Polim and Joanne.
Me in apron! :D
Weiling, me, Polim and Joanne

That's it for the first day.

Day 2
First Stop - Bak Kut Teh Teluk Pulai @ Klang
Woke up early for this! We were lost although we were following a GPS, at last we asked around and finally we found it! 
I like both soup and the dry one. The herbal soup was very delicious and the meat was tender and well infused with herbs.

Didn't take much photos because I'm too busy eating. Hehe.
After we were done eating, we headed to Paradigm Mall!

But first, let us take a selfie!
Zhuang joined us for the 2nd and the 3rd day. Happy to see her again!
Zhuang, Weiling, Me, Polim and Joanne.
Was so tired after shopping then we had Juice works and Bear Paw for tea time! The bun is sooo cute!!

In the evening, we headed to IKEA, not for furniture but for their meatballs!! I have always heard that IKEA's meatballs are super delicious. I saw almost every table had a plate of meatballs and I just can't wait to try it!
We regret that we bought only five. Too bad that Zhuang can't eat beef because it's really nice!! You don't wanna miss it if you're in IKEA.

Next Stop - My Burger Lab


Joanne, Polim, Zhuang and me shared one burger because we were going for steamboat later. We ordered grilled mushroom chicken. See the photo above, they gave a generous amount of mushroom! 

I didn't take any photos after this because we were busy chit-chatting and eating. I really enjoyed the time spent with them and gossiping with them. Haha. We ended our day 2 at Wings cafe. Then, I spent my last day shopping in Sunway and Joanne dropped me back to One Utama to take bus back to Penang. That's the end of my weekend getaway. I know right, my three days trip in KL was all about food. How can I resist them?! Gotta work out after this. Although there's something unpleasant happen but still I enjoyed a lot. Really happy to meet them again and I really hope to see them soon! 

Till here.
Hugs and kisses.
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