Coffeeric @ Queensbay Mall

29 Jun 2014

With so many cafes sprouting up in Penang, we Penangites sure have a plethora of cafes to choose from should we need a hangout spot. And just when you thought there could not be any new cafe, here comes a new one - Coffeeric!  If you are craving for some rich and aromatic coffee, then Coffeeric would be your choice. Situated on the second floor in the north wing of Queensbay Mall, Coffeeric's location is two shops next to SenQ. If you frequently patronize Queensbay, then you will realize that the location of Coffeeric used to be occupied by Blackball. The owner of Coffeeric is actually dear's friend's sister. Upon knowing the grand opening of Coffeeric in QB, we decided to try it out as well as showing our support.

The interior of Coffeeric is laden with woody texture, with the wall of Coffeeric resembles a wood-like surface. I have always liked woody texture and being able to sip a cup of coffee under such cozy ambience makes the coffee tastes extra better.
Though Coffeeric is not spacious enough as it is located inside a shopping mall, they actually have tables and chairs just outside of their shop, thus you don't have to worry about not having enough seats. What I like most above the decoration is in fact the divan! It was so comfortable to sit on. :D
Though Coffeeric does not have an extensive choices of beverages up for choosing, but please be rest assured that this does not exhaust the quality of coffee served in Coffeeric.
If you don't feel like having coffee, they do serve tea as well.
Cakes and pastries.
A very cute owl lamp at the counter.
A friendly reminder from the owner to try their coffee without adding sugar first. Then, you will be amazed! 
Mocha for dear and Fresh Red for me. 
Mocha RM11
Well, I was really amazed by just a sip of it. The taste was so rich and aromatic that I was yearning for another cup already.
Fresh Red RM10
It was the Rooibos tea which came from South Africa. It was pretty refreshing and soothing.
Fruit Tart RM5.50 (3 pieces)
Peach Frozen cheese cake
The owner was so kind and she gave us a piece of cheesecake to try. I highly recommend this! Though have to wait for 15 minutes before eating as it was frozen, but it's totally worth it. It is not selling yet but it will be soon.

Anyway, I would definitely visit Cofferic again in anytime soon! Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee in such comfortable environment is the best thing I could ask for to pass my Friday evening. 
Do support them! :D

Lot 12 & 159,
Level 2,
Queensbay Mall,

Happy Holiday!!

25 Jun 2014

Hello everyone!
Final exams have ended, like finally.
 I was missing in action for like a month already, really miss my blog so much.
 For the past few weeks, I was seriously like a zombie, everyday sleep for 4 to 5 hours only. 
This is the consequence of burning the midnight oil la.
I always told myself to study constantly but never once succeed.
Then, in the end, have to swallow everything during study week and sacrifice my sleep. 
But, I think it's worth it la to sacrifice my sleep. :P

Anyway, I have two month long break which I have longed for,
But, how should I spend this two months? 
Don't want to waste my holiday just like that.. 
So, I have come out with a few things that I should do for this long holiday so that I spend my time productively.

1. Read books.
Yea, books. To be more exact, should be novels. 
Remember I had posted about the big bad wolf book fair earlier? 
I bought a lot of books which can last me for years. :D
It's time for some reading.

2. Continue my Piano lesson.
Started learning piano at age 5 and never stop my lessons until I entered uni.
I had to because I was too busy with assignments, activities and school stuffs.
I have finished my Grade 8 practical and actually I can stop learning. 
But, I really love going to piano lessons and I wanna continue with diploma. 

3. Complete puzzle 
I actually bought a 1000 pieces puzzle 2 years back.
Boyfie and I were supposed to complete it.
Let's hope this time, he is up for real to complete the puzzle.

4. Be committed to my blog.
Poor blog, I know I have been neglecting you a little, I feel so bad.
No worries, I am back now.

Yepp, I think that's all I want to do during my holiday. May my holiday be a great one!
To my friends and those who are having holiday as well, Happy Holiday!!

Thanks for reading!

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