B&W Coffee House @ Muntri Street, Penang

29 Jul 2014

B&W Coffee House, a snug little cafe tucked away in a humble street called Muntri Street. A never-before-seen concept, B&W Coffee House is unlike other cafes in Penang such that nearly everything in B&W is made from cardboard. The tables, chairs, decorations and even part of the counters are all made from cardboard. (Well, the building is obviously not made from cardboard.. haha) 

I was quite shocked at first to find that the chairs and tables were all made from cardboard when I first entered into the cafe. Being skeptical, I was afraid I will fall down from it while making sure I did not exert too much pressure on the cardboard-made chair. But surprisingly, it held me quite well, thought it can be shaky at times. My later conversation with the owner found out that the chair can actually hold up to 130kg. Amazing!
A candid shot taken by dear.
B&W Coffee house doesn't have an extensive choices of beverages up for choosing, but the things are all reasonably priced. 
B&W Coffee - RM 8.90
While I was hesitating what to order for myself, the owner recommended me their signature coffee. Although I am not a big fan of coffee, but still gave it a shot. I guessed it's the packaging that attracted me to pay a visit to this cafe. I am such a dupe for nice and cute packaging, ugh.
I feel like exposing what is it inside this box, but noo.. I won't! Go check it out yourself! haha..
Hot mocha - RM 7.90
His all-time favourite. (I sometimes wonder if he will ever try other coffee except Mocha). The coffee was served in a paper cup. We were a lil bit disappointed with the Mocha, mainly because of the paper cup I think, it sure did not look attractive on first sight. Quality wise, average at best I say.
The owner is so kind that he gave us cheese crackers to try. It is actually crackers topped with tuna and cheese. Nice though! 
With my all-time food hunting companion.

The concept of this cafe actually got my curiosity up. When asked, the owner said they were previously involved in cardboard art industry where they will sometimes be asked to set up booth using their skill and creativity in cardboard arts. That's where they got the idea to set up B&W Coffee House themed with cardboard arts. And if any of you happened to be needing their expertise in setting up booth, you can also contact them.

B&W Coffee House
No. 94 Jalan Muntri, 
10200 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia.
012-5043858 / 012-4480886
Mon to Sun - 10am to 10pm

  1. wow the table and chair very special ya! guess i should go and try too! =D

    1. Yea, you should try it!! hehe :)


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