Post-Vacation Syndrome

30 Aug 2014

I had been back from Singapore for a week now which means I have left only one more week before school opening.  I have been feeling so sluggish since I came back on Sunday. Post-Vacation Syndrome that is! Can't get over it yet! I know it's been some time since I blogged, I am sick since I was back and I am still sick. A lot of photos to be edited before I blog so stay tune!!

I really enjoyed my stay in Singapore. Singaporeans lead a very hectic life, you can experience that when you are in a MRT station, even the escalator is faster. Fast is good if it's in the MRT station because everybody is rushing for time. I kinda used to that speed now and now I know (actually is already a known fact :P) how laid-back Malaysians' lifestyle is. We kinda automatically moved to the left when we took the escalator because no matter how fast the speed of the escalator is, there will be people still running down the escalator. While we don't do that in Malaysia because nobody does that but I think it's a good habit to have. Always move to the left when you're taking the escalator! :)

Despite the fast-pace lifestyle over there, we still had a very relaxed and laid-back time there. Luckily we didn't meet their working time so it's okay. I really miss the scenery and everything there but not the food! :P It's really so beautiful, clean and green. I will be back! "I want to go to Singapore to work!" That's what I told my mom and she's quite positive with it. I really love how convenient to travel from one place to another in Singapore, they have very effective transportation system and the food there is quite cheap (if you don't convert). Most importantly, I feel really safe over there. I will be back!

Okay, will continue to edit the photos and let's stay tune for the next post! 
For the time being, I need some sleep! 
Goodnight guys!
 Love ya! <3

[Toastmaster] CC2 - How to study effectively

15 Aug 2014

Back to this space again!
It's been some time since the last time I did a post about Toastmaster.
Yes, I've done my 2nd speech! weeks ago.
And I keep on delayed and finally I'm going to post this up.

The title for my second speech was 'How to study efficiently'.
There are a few tips on how you can score better grades by studying efficiently.
Not that I got excellent results or I am efficient in studies.
In fact, I am just an average student.
Okay, I would rank myself slightly above average. LOL
It covers some of the things that people might overlook, including myself.

I am not satisfied with this one, because I sounded as if I was memorizing and in fact I was. Haha
I mean I should have sounded more natural. Oh ya, and also because I was trying really hard to refrain myself not to 'err..' so yea, it's hard.
Okay, enough of talking. Why not you guys listen it for yourself.

You know there's a saying, practice makes perfect, but I heard the improvised version which is practice makes improvement, I absolutely agreed to it. There's no perfection in this world because we are all humans, we made mistakes and that's how we learn, no matter how perfect we are, we still have our own flaws that might not be seen. We are all perfectly imperfect.

Hope you enjoy and get better grades after this! :P

Glam Glow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

11 Aug 2014

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Hey guys! It's a beauty review again! I've finally ready to do this review of GlamGlow YouthMud Mask! 
If you haven't heard of GlamGlow, allow me to do a brief introduction of this amazing brand.
GLAMGLOW was founded in 2010 by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore exclusively for behind-the-scenes in the Hollywood Entertainment, Music, Fashion & award Industries.  GlamGlow has taken the world by storm with awards such as ELLE Magazine's No.1 Beauty Obsession, Harrods Best Seller, Voted Sephora HOT NOW and Winner of the coveted Neiman Marcus Beauty Awards.

GlamGlow has generated much hype among the Hollywood celebrities and has became the best friend of celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev and Selena Gomez to name a few. GlamGlow claims to be a '10-minute professional facial in a jar' that promises instantly camera ready, glowing skin!  It is a mud mask that Hollywood is going crazy for, I knew I got to try it! And thanks to The Butterfly Project, I stand a chance to try out this awesome product!

The words on the packaging were already smudged when I received it. But I guess what's matter most is the inside right?

The one I got was GlamGlow YouthMud which is the black one. Besides YouthMud, there are also other types of mud mask such as PowerMud, SuperMud and ThirstyMud. (very creative names, don't you think so?) YouthMud ( I suppose it helps me to regain my youth!) helps to leaves skin radiant and glowing, provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and also made skin and pores tighter in just 10 minutes. GlamGlow YouthMud contains heaps of ingredients such as purified clay, volcanic minerals, french sea clay, micro volcanic rock, green tea and etc. 

The three key ingredients in GlamGlow YouthMud:

Green Tea Leaf - They call it TEAOXI technology,  delivers fresh antioxidants directly into the mud to hydrate, balance oil production and fight free radical damage. It's the 'magic' behind the powerful anti-aging and anti-wrinkle results.

French Sea Clay - detoxify & awaken the skin by drawing out impurities, helps to tone, lighten and lift the skin. It creates the tingling sensation when the clay is mixed with the TEAOXI technology.

Volcanic Rock - the exfoliating agent that helps to revitalize dull, dry skin to have smoother and brighter skin.

Looks exactly like mud with sand-like texture to it.
Chunks of tea leaves.

Let's move on to the photos! You know when people are putting mask on their face it somehow looks a bit awkward and I hope I didn't scare you off. Haha

Step 1 - Wash your face with cleanser before applying GlamGlow YouthMud mask. Make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed if you have makeup on.
Step 2 - Apply a thin layer of mask on your face. The first thing I noticed when the mask is applied was it has a gritty sand like texture which is for exfoliation. Then I noticed the intense tingly sensation after a while. I was shocked but realized later the sensation was supposed to be happening.

The darker areas are the chunks of green tea leaves.
After two to three minutes, the mask started to dry.
This was taken seven minutes after application.
And this was ten minutes after. The mask was so tight at that point that I couldn't even smile.

Step 3 -  Gently rub your face in circular motion repeatedly with water to exfoliate before you rinse off the mask. That's the benefit of having volcanic rock in the mask, you get to clear the dead skin cells on your face while washing off the mask.

Annnd Taddaa!! After you're done, put on your skincare. As for me, I applied toner and moisturizer after I've done cleaning.

It's kinda hard to tell the difference of the before and after without you being able to actually feel my skin. Though I don't have major problems on my skin (only pimples pop up once in while),  I actually felt refreshed and cleaned and skin was smoother in texture. My skin also looked brighter a lil in tone because of the dead skin cells being cleared. Definitely a good mask for exfoliation to ensure radiant and glowing skin! How I wish I can get the full size jar for myself but too bad it's too expensive for a mask. Sobs.

So, do you wish to have a bottle for yourself? They are available in all Sephora outlets.

Glam Glow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment - RM240 / 50g

 Visit their official website for more information :

Stop caring what people think of you

6 Aug 2014

" The unhappiest person in this world, are those who care most about what other people think. "

I believe a lot of us do care about what others think of us. 
At least, to an extent, we care.
Of course, how much a person cares about what others think depends on the nature of their relationship.
But the case I am saying here is someone who you don't really know or I would say strangers.

We are all humans, we want to feel belonged, we want to be liked, so we seek for approval.
It's the human nature.
Well, seeking approval from others is fine, but not until the point that you have to compromise your happiness or even your health in the process.

I was that kind of person, used to care a lot of what others think.
And I think I'm fine now, but I realized that it permeates every facet of me and I don't even aware of it.
Only when it was triggered, I feel I'm insecure.

When I started this blog, I would agonize over what people think of me.
Would they think that I'm a wanna-be or an attention seeker?
Would they read? Would they think what I was writing was good or meaningful to them?
Thousands and thousands of questions running in my head.
When I first published a few post, I didn't share on my Facebook.
I didn't even tell my friends about it and never ask them to read.
Because I wasn't confident to tell people, ' Hey, I have a blog. Go read it!'
I think it's embarrassing and it's like telling people 'Hey, I want to be famous!'
In fact, I am not doing it for fame.
The funny part was the only person who knew the existence of this blog was my boyfie. Haha.

After a few months down the road, I am more confident and positive, I started to share blogpost on my Facebook.
That is where the readership starts to increase, little by little.
To my surprise, there are actually friends who are really supportive especially my parents.
I was even told by one of my friends that she was inspired by the post - The lion in the dreams.
I was really thrilled and satisfied that what I wrote can actually inspire people.
So, what I was worrying before was totally worthless.
How much time and energy wasted worrying about people who doesn't matter to me.
I have gradually learned to take it easy.

If you have read my previous post, you'd probably know that I'm joining Toastmaster.
So far, I have completed two speeches.
All this while, I was so afraid that people will overestimate me, and this was so prevalent in my Toastmaster.
I presented twice and response were quite good, I guess.
Despite that, I knew deeply in my heart how good (bad) I am and I surely did not fit the praise that was given to me.
And when it was the time for me to do impromptu speech which they called table topics, I was so nervous fearing that people might find out my real standard.

  I know that it's my own fears and insecurities that are creating this illusion and holding me back.
Probably it's me who is judging myself.
And I'm working on this hoping that I would overcome it.
In the end of the day, what people think doesn't matter to me at all.
They probably aren't thinking about me anyway, so why do I care?

A life spent endlessly trying to please people is not what I wanted for myself.
We are the master of our own life, if we want to lead a better life, we need to stop caring about what others think about us.
If you think it is the right thing to do, then do it, because life's too short to regret.

MyUSMInfo - Ins and Outs of USM

3 Aug 2014

From its humble beginnings back in 2010, USM Info Sharing Corner (an info sharing page for all usm-ers in Facebook) is now more systematically and professionally managed with the inception of MyUSMInfo.

Created and managed by a group of USM students, USM Info Sharing Corner was first created in year 2010 to facilitate information sharing among USM students. Before that, information was not readily assessable to students as there was not a singular central point where information from various sources converged. Students had to travel all the way from hostels to the lecture hall only to find that lecture was cancelled with notice pasted outside lecture hall door. Students organizing events had problem promoting their events to all students with the only way of assessing them was through road show/booth held in USM DK Foyer (a place where students’ bodies get to set up booth and do promotion on events).

Then, USM Info Sharing Corner was created in Facebook. As time grows, more and more USM-ers started to join the page, with its members standing at some 12,000 as of July 2014. Since then, information dissemination has been more effective. Students are free to post information regarding events, lectures/tutorials adjustments, latest announcements from USM administrative and everything else that has to do with Universiti Sains Malaysia. All you have to do is to become a member and start reading the page to stay updated.

USM Info Sharing Corner Facebook Page

As time grows and with more and more information circulating the USM Info Sharing Corner page, it then calls for a more systematic platform where information can be viewed easily. Thus, the creator of USM Info Sharing Corner then started MyUSMInfo in July 2013. The inception of MyUSMInfo does not mean that USM Info Sharing Corner will cease to operate. Rather, they are both operating together. Website offers features that are not available in Fb page such as the ability to categorize information under different categories. With that, students or visitors to MyUSMInfo will be able to find information with much ease. Owing to that, MyUSMInfo is able to garner around 78k visits and 150k page views in just one year!

Serving as a one-stop centre for information in USM, MyUSMInfo features not only the latest news or happenings in USM, but also upcoming events in USM. Incoming students/new intakes will also find useful as the website useful as the ins and outs of life in USM. And if you are looking for hotels or places to stay nearby USM, MyUSMInfo provides you with the contact and details of the accommodation, saving you the trouble to google all of them.

So, who are to benefit directly from MyUSMInfo?

1. Students
Instead of having to keep tabs on various websites or announcements by USM official about the latest news, why don’t just bookmark one particular website and you can assess everything from there. MyUSMInfo gives you that type of convenience.

2. Event Organizers
How are you going to promote your event to all USM-ers in an easy and hassle-free way? Through MyUSMInfo that is! With your event information featuring on MyUSMInfo, your event will be immediately made known to thousands of USM-ers!

3. Incoming Students/New Students
Curious about what is it like to be part of USM community? Anxious about university life? First time away from home and don’t know what to expect from university life? What must you do to get PTPTN loan/scholarships? Fret not. MyUSMInfo is here to clear your doubts and worries once and for all. MyUSMInfo is there to guide your step-by-step from applying to enter USM until the day when you set your foot into USM. And of course, MyUSMInfo will also be providing you with tips on applying for PTPTN loans, scholarships, things to bring for orientation, university life around campus. And it all can be assessed from just one platform-MyUSMInfo. Convenient, right?

4. Parents
Imagine that you are hundreds of miles away from your children and you are curious of their life in USM. You want to know about the latest happenings in USM but are not sure of where to get the information from? Try MyUSMInfo.

5. Business Owners
Wanting to advertise your products or services to all USM-ers? Try MyUSMInfo. 78k visits and 150k page views in one year, not bad I reckon. 

MyUSMInfo has indeed come a long way to achieve what it is today. From a small Fb page, it has now grown to a systematically managed website, providing up-to-date and the most recent news and happenings in USM. So, who may find the website useful? If you are a present student, incoming student, event organizer, parent of USM students, lecturer or just anyone who wants to know more about USM, MyUSMInfo provides you with just everything you need.

And ohya, before I forget, like MyUSMInfo Fb page and get connected!

Search for USMinfo and like them!

Fb page: USMinfo

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