Singapore Getaway Day 2 : Sentosa

27 Sep 2014

I've been MIA for some time, sorry guys! Yeah, school started and I gotta admit I'm kind of lazy to hang around here. But no, I will not abandon my blog! Never! I just need some time to recharge myself. 

 Here comes my day 2 in Singapore. We spent our entire day in Sentosa. There's a lot of activities to keep you occupied on the island and you will not for once instance feel bored. Trust me, one day is definitely not enough if you want to visit all the attractions. Unless USS is not in your plan, just like us, we didn't plan to go USS because it's out of our budget (I really wanted to go!! TT next time!) But I think we made the right choice because that day was raining heavily and we happened to be in the aquarium while it's raining. God blessed us! hehe. 

There are a few ways to get to the island, it can be reached by cable car, sentosa express and etc. As you know life in Singapore is always depend on BMW (Bus, Mrt, Walk.). Good thing is their transportation is so much efficient and convenient. Okay,  here's the guide.

Alright, time to flood your screen with pics!

The view from above.
Upon entering the S.E.A Aquarium, you will come across The Maritime Experiential Museum that dedicated to the celebration of the maritime heritage of Asia. Both Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium comes as a package. Ticket for an adult is $38, if you're still a student, remember to show your student card to get student price at only $28. 
One thing I must admit that I wasn't interested in these since my main purpose was to visit the aquarium to see fishes but not some lifeless statues and history. I know I was completely missing the point of visiting the aquarium and the museum *feeling guilty*, but for people who loves to visit museums and interested in history, it would surely worth the price.
We entered the Typhoon Theater to watch a short film about a sailor being assigned with a mission to send a treasure to the other country via sea. I wasn't really sure about the story line as I was late for the show. After that, we were led to the dome-shaped theater to experience a typhoon. No words can describe how awesome the show is, it is so real and it literally blew me away.
One we exited the theater, the scene before us was a huge aquarium featuring a shipwreck which was related to the film we had just watched.
This is the entrance to the aquarium where you walk through a tunnel with fishes swimming above your head.

Believe it or not, we managed to take one perfect photo out of hundreds, it's inevitable to have people photoboombing, everybody was waiting to take a photo with this globe, it's like an evidence that you have been to this place. I used to think that people who has taken a photo with this globe has been to Universal Studio, but I was so wrong, this globe is outside of USS, anyone can just take a photo with it. 
We spent our evening walking along the beach, soaked up the view and enjoyed our glass of cocktail at one the beach bars. There are a stretch of beach bars along the beach, it's so hard to make up our mind which one to go to and in the end we chose Coastes. I guessed we just like the laid-back beach vibe that it offers.

The night view of Sentosa island taken from the cable car.

That's all for this post. I hope I didn't strain your eyes! :)
Stay tune for next post!

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