Singapore Getaway Day 1: Bugis, Haji Lane, Arab Street

1 Sep 2014

While planning for our gathering trip for the first time after matriculation, we took a very long time to decide where to go. At first, we decided Hatyai because it's cheap and they haven't been there before, but then you know Thailand is in turmoil and after the bomb attack in Betong, we changed out mind. So, Singapore is the best option! It's been 10 years since the last time I went to Singapore. 

We didn't stay long in Singapore because we were on a budget. (The currency is getting higher and higher.) 
#马币争气点!Basically our trip was more to sightseeing, of course we still spend, not on shopping but on food! 

We took the earliest bus from TBS to Larkin. I don't know whether it's me or others as well, I think the transportation system in Malaysia is not that bad, they have buses from KL to Johor and some other places every hour. So, we can buy the bus tickets on the spot without worrying the tickets being sold out. Haha, forgive me for being so sampat as you know we Penangites don't usually take public transport. And when we do, we could wait up to an hour for a bus. It's really very frustrating sometimes.

 When we reached Larkin, we took a cab to City Square which is just next to the custom. Then we took no.170 bus to Singapore which cost us only RM2.40 from custom to the last station which is really near to Bugis and the whole journey took us around 45 minutes. I think that journey cost us more than that because most people actually drop off at Kranji and take the MRT. Anyway, the bus uncle is really nice and didn't charge us extra money. #出门遇贵人

The hotel that we were staying was Hotel 81 @ Little India, within walking distance to Bugis. Well, Hotel 81 has quite a few branches in other areas.
*photo from
Our room was something like this. I think it's quite comfortable with reasonable price. Not bad.

I didn't take any photos in Bugis except for this.  We didn't spend much time in Bugis either. After we had our late lunch and wandered around Bugis street for a while, we went to Haji Lane and Arab Street. 

Saw this building on the way to Haji Lane, the building looks so thin like a piece of paper.
Haji Lane, a street full with mural paintings is a place that you must visit! Unique cafes and bars bursting at the seams and is home to a lot of fashion labels. It's a good place for shopping I guess, you can bump into one of the cafes or bars when you're tired of walking. But I think most of the girls are very energetic when it comes to shopping, I'm one of them!! Haha
Haji Lane is one of the place I wish I have spent more time there. We didn't really explore the place well. I will definitely visit this place again!

That's all for this post! Next station will be Clarke Quay, my fav place. Stay tune!
Love <3

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