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31 Dec 2014


Tired of the same food for lunch everyday? Cooking is just never your cup of tea? Nothing's good to eat around your place? Too lazy to drive through the horrendous traffic just to indulge in your favourite restaurant? Try Foodpanda!

As a food delivery company, Foodpanda has been connecting hungry people to great food since its inception in 2012. With just a few clicks behind the monitor, you could have your fresh hot food delivered right to your doorsteps. With operation spanning across 5 states in Malaysia and dozens of restaurants collaborating with Foodpanda, you can officially render your kitchen useless. 

Enter your city and area to locate your nearest restaurants

With Foodpanda, all you need is to do is to enter your post code and you can straight away browse through Foodpanda online menus from list of your nearest restaurants. From Japanese food to Korean cuisine, Western to Oriental, you name it, Foodpanda has it!

I personally find Foodpanda very convenient especially during finals. Studying is always the time when you start to think of your favourite cuisine. And long before you realize it, you are already drooling. It is at that moment that you wish to just put away everything, grab your car key, step on the pedal and rush to the nearest restaurant! Yet, you will soon come back to your senses and realize you will be stuck with your books and cup noodles for the rest of the night. Well, now that Foodpanda is in town, I can officially say goodbye to these days!

So last Wednesday, I was in the midst of studying when my hunger got the best of me again. And just when I thought I had to stop thinking of food, I suddenly thought of Foodpanda. Realizing that Foodpanda is the answer to my hunger, I decided to give it a shot.

Foodpanda website is quite easy to navigate around. Things are quite neat and it didn't take me a long time before I placed my order for Dome through Foodpanda at 6.22pm. With the promised delivery time of 1 hour, I was expecting to have my dinner at 7.30pm. 

Done ordering!

I received a call from Foodpanda roughly 10 minutes after, saying that one of my ordered items was not available on that day. Personally, I feel 10 minutes response time from a food delivery company is alright. I was also informed that kitchen was quite busy on that day and it will take one hour and 15 minutes to have the food delivered to me. Fair enough for a good food.

Then, it was already 8pm and still there's no sign of Foodpanda delivery staff. Fortunately, you can straight talk to their customer service staff online. I checked with the customer service staff twice and was twice promised that my food will reach me in another 10 minutes. Half an hour gone by and with no sign of my food, I decided to vent my frustration by calling Foodpanda HQ.

Response from Foodpanda Customer Service

Finally, after 3 hours of waiting, my 'hot' food arrived at 9.45pm. My dinner had then become my supper. Despite the lateness, the food still taste quite alright. So, there you have it, my first attempt to online ordering through Foodpanda.

Dinner finally!

Foodpanda did connect to me afterwards and rewarded me with cash voucher for their lateness. 

So, come to this state, if you ask me, will I try Foodpanda again? Yes.... but but but.. why?

To be fair to them, the traffic and weather condition during that night were bad for delivery. Rain was quite heavy, needless to say, traffic was bad as well. And it so happened that I placed my order during peak hours, and I should have expected the kitchen to be busy. So, despite the lateness, I still feel Foodpanda has lots of potential and prospects to offer, and of course I will give it a second try! But before that, let me offer my suggestions. So here's my two cents.

1. Despite rating the order confirmation as alright, I feel Foodpanda can do better. I understand that my order had to travel its way to Foodpanda HQ in KL before it was relayed to Dome in Penang. For that, I feel some time has been wasted. Thus, if there's a Foodpanda centre handling all the order in every state of the operation, I believe the efficiency will be faster since they only have to manage the order from that very state alone.

2. If possible, have the menu updated daily. Have a staff to confirm with restaurants if all the food featured on Foodpanda menu is available on that day. This will surely help to save both Foodpanda and the customers some troubles.

3. Online Customer Service response time was quite slow. I had to wait quite awhile before they responded to me. Something to look into. 

Despite all, my compliment still goes to Foodpanda for their well-designed website. It was really very user friendly and easy to navigate around. Ohya, before I forget, the delivery staff was very friendly as well. My frustration and anger faded the moment she apologized and smiled to me (was trying to take a photo with her but she was too shy). 

And not to forget to thanks The Butterfly Project Malaysia! Follow them for the latest exciting projects!

Till the next time!

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