Familial love

16 Feb 2015

Valentines day had just past and instead of dedicating this post to my valentine, I would like to dedicate to my family. While we are so overwhelmed with Valentine's day, I think we should also remember to show our love to our family as they are the ones whom we often forget to show how important they are to us.

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Well, the easiest way to express our love to somebody is to say 'I love you'. But can you recall when was the last time you say it to your parents, your siblings or any of your family members? As we grow, the phrase of affection has become a difficult thing to say but ironically, we can say it to our boyfriend or girlfriend as much as we want. Not only happen among the kids and the parents, but also among husbands and wifes, 'I love you' is rarely uttered after years of marriage. Remember how easily we blurted out the three words to our parents when we were little and the quiet whisper of 'I love you' before sleep. Remember how loving and affectionate both of you were and the endless conversations that you could talk all day. I'm not saying that all families are like that, there are families I know that are very loving. I'm saying in general especially Asians, saying 'I love you' seems to be very awkward.

The words I love you are short, sweet and yet powerful if it is truly meant. It carry such meaning in them as to make both the giver and the recipient feel connected and belonged. Never underestimate these words as you never know how the effect the words have on someone especially your beloved ones. With these simple words, you might make someone's day. So, why don't say it more often?

Yes, saying it is important but more important than saying it is showing them through little kindnesses by showering them some gratitude and respect. How often do we overlook the importance of showing your other half you actually love them? While I mentioned earlier that saying I love you is important, as the saying goes "action speaks louder than words". When was the last time you showed your appreciation and love to your parents or your husband/wife. We normally tend to take things for granted as relationship matures. We tend to be lazy. However, relationship can go sour if one party becomes lazy. The spark, the passion and the love can soon fade with time. For a healthy family relationship to stay healthy, an act of kindness or appreciation is necessary. You never know how a simply thank you can brighten up someone's day.

Apart from that, the ultimate key to a happy family is spending quality time together with your family. Spending quality time means giving your family your wholehearted attention and the time spent is meaningful to your family members. It can be going for a vacation, outings, having meals together, or just sit down and talk.

And of course, often, conflict and friction will happen when you all stay together and see each other everyday. Those frictions are very disruptive, and at times, no party may want to let go. But for the sake of family, all family members need to make an effort to subdue our own pride and ego and let the love guide us. Apologize does not mean you are wrong. Rather, it shows you care more for the relationship than your ego.

In this world, we are often in constant pursuit of stuff like career advancement, salary increment, bigger car, better house. While I am not saying that it is wrong to do that, we should never ever neglect the person we love for their love toward us is something money can't buy. Family should be your main priority as they are the people who will be with you even when you're at your lowest point. They are the people who will never leave you no matter what. Like it or not, they are still your family. Cherish them before it's too late.

What I have been up to lately

12 Feb 2015

Hey guys! It's been awhile.
Obviously, this blog hasn't been buzzing with activity lately. 
I hope it hasn't dead yet. 
Yeah, time passes so fast with just a blink of  an eye, it's the second month of 2015 already. *I'm going for my internship soon..sobs. miss student's life la..*

So, I will give a quick update on what I have done for the past few months. 

Basically, for the past few months, it was my last semester in Uni, being a typical student, I went to classes, rushing for assignments, exams and etc. Nothing really special except for I was busy looking for internship. I went for interviews and finally I got an offer from a MNC that I wanted so badly. *give it a guess*

I was on seventh heaven when I received the call from the HR informing me that they offer me a position as an intern. I tried to sound calm while my inner goddess was jumping up and down for joy. The feeling was like ' Oh god, I have finally made it' and my effort had finally paid off. It's been some time since I have such a strong feeling for wanting something so badly. And I made it! This is the one thing(perhaps the only thing) that is the most productive that I have done recently. 

I was also thrilled that I got to celebrate new year eve together with love in the midst of study week. Tho it may seem nothing special to you, but to me, it's something very rare these years. You might be shocked if I tell you for the past 3 or 4 years I never celebrate new year eve and Christmas. Coincidentally, new year eve and Christmas for the past years fell on my study week, so I never celebrate it with friends, not even with my family. So pity huh. I had been enclosing myself in my hostel room with books. Yes, I'm a good student. *grin* Anyhow, I took a day off from books to spend some quality time with love but we only managed to watch the fireworks in the car because the traffic was terrible on new year eve. I told dear ' I think next time we celebrate new year eve at home lah, too many cars and everywhere is so crowded. Stay at home better.' He happily accepted the deal, he is the kind of guy who prefers to stay at home. Yeah, I guess stay at home on festivals is a wise choice.

L'Oreal Brandstorm is another challenge that I have took up recently. Dear and I teamed up with another friend of mine, Ie vonn for the competition. As usual, last minute work again, we managed to come up with our presentation in less than a week. I would say we have done a great work in such short amount of time. We didn't make it to the next round tho, we sort of expected that, the result is not important, what matters is the process, the experience gained and the things I have learnt which prolly useful in my future jobs. I can now prepare very attractive slides for presentation, hehe. Not trying to brag, but I was praised by the judge about my slides. *wink*

Fast forward, I just got back from my 10 days trip in Thailand. We spent a week in Phuket and 4 days in Krabi. I know what you think, we are probably a bunch of crazy people who spent so many days at the same place, at such a hot place. Many of our friends said so. Most of the time, we were under the scorching sun with our favourite pair of slippers exploring the bustling town or strolled along the beaches. The difference of skin tone on my arms and body is so obvious. I have been applying a lot sunscreen while I was there especially when I got exposed to the sun but still can't avoid to get tan. I miss my fair skin lah.. Need some time to get back to that tone. Phuket is touristy and happening at night while Krabi is a small town not as crowded as Phuket, a very relaxing place that you can free your mind. Overall, it's fun! One thing that made me really sad is that I noticed a lil dented mark on the top of my camera lens after I was back from Krabi. I am so sooo sad, I went back to the shop trying to ask if it's under warranty but the guy told me it's not. He told me there's nothing I can do but to accept it. So I did and I told dear 'Maybe this reminds me that everything in this world is not perfect and it's okay not to be perfect.' *Positive energy overload*

One of the things that I have been doing lately is reading! I started to pick up the habit of reading and I'm lovin it. I just love indulging myself in books. Wonder why I don't read last time and never realize the excitement of reading although I know reading is good. I'm reading the third book of fifty shades right now. Oh gawd, I LOVE CHRISTIAN GREY so muchhhh.  I believed all fifty shades fans have been anticipating the movie because I AM TOO! But if you're a Malaysian and have been waiting  for sooo long wanting to see the sexy fifty shades guy, then you're out of luck coz this movie is banned in Malaysia. Fret not, we can always download it or watch it online. Arghh, I can't wait.

Till then!
Stay tune for more upcoming post! 
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