Sue's Internship Diary #2

21 Mar 2015

Hello guys! It's been almost a month now since my last update. I really feel guilty la, I have been saying I will be more committed in updating my blog for like thousand times but I never keep my words. Especially this year, I feel so bad that I rarely update my blog. Honestly, I was really really busy. (Hey sue, this is an excuse!) Anyway, just gonna update you guys on what I've been so busy about.

I guess most of you know that I have started my internship but I didn't reveal which company is it in my previous blogpost. But I think some of you already knew it since I posted some internship-related photos on my instagram. Yes, I'm so proud to say that I'm the new Intern in L'Oreal. *flips hair* You must be wondering(or not) which brand I'm working with, it's L'Oreal Professionnel. Frankly, before I joined L'oreal, I didn't know the difference of L'oreal Professionnel and L'oreal Paris selling in drugstores. I thought they are the same *I believe a lot of people have the same thoughts too*

In fact, you can only find L'Oreal Professionnel's products in salons. That is why you never see their products in Watson, Guardian or Caring. So, if you want to buy any LP products, visit our authorized salons!

Anyway, I have been working for 3 weeks now and I truly enjoy it. I'm blessed. Initially, my parents were not happy with me coming to this big city alone, but I persuaded them really really hard. This is the path that I decided to take and no matter how tough it is, I will not give up.

Working in beauty industry is fun and exciting! I get to attend various launching events, fashion parties and etc. I was briefed about my job scope and projects that I will get involve in for the next 6 months. It's so exciting! hahha.

Guess what? I attended Harper's Bazaar Fashion Party on my second week of internship! The grandest event of the year. I was really embarrassed as I wasn't prepared for the event, only told on that day itself. I thought of not going to the event but in the end I was convinced by my manager. Anyway, I was glad that I went, a new exposure for myself!
Finger Food!!
*Sorry for the low quality photos*

The event was way too awesome! Met a lot of people too! It was really an eye opening opportunity for me to see how this industry works. 

I'm soo tired now. Got to go to bed now!
Stay tune!

Covo Stardust Quad Eyeshadow

15 Mar 2015

Hey guys!
Will be doing a quick review of Covo Stardust Quad Eyeshadow today. 
I bought this a while ago during it's promotion at only RM20. It's a steal!! 
At the first sight, I thought it's very much similar to Chanel's.
 Both are also in black and it's square in size. 
Well, let's see the inside of it.
It comes with a combination of 4 earthy shades that are highly pigmented and lightweight. The soft shimmers in the eyeshadow are enriched with vitamin E and active ingredients for moisturizing, nourishing and improve the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. 

This shades has become a staple in my everyday makeup. I just love them. The pigmentation is descent and long lasting. Use the sponge applicator that comes together to tap it onto your eyelid,  blends for a soft or intense look then you're good to go. I love the lightest shade which is a shimmery beige colour. I used it as a highlight on the browbone and darker shades to be applied on the lower eyelid. And you will get an incredible look!
It comes with two sponge applicator which you can separate it with the lighter and darker shades.

Overall, I think it's quite worthy to have one for the price of RM65. It's the basic colour that every girl needs and suitable for beginner's like me or people who are conservative in terms of colours. This eyeshadow definitely worked so well on me and I definitely want to get my hand, well I mean face on other Covo products. Will keep you guys posted on that. Till then, ciao~

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