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28 Apr 2015

I stumbled upon this cute, lovely, vintage-style beauty shop while I was shopping in Jungceylon in Phuket. I thought I would just take a look and I could resist myself from buying.. BUT.. I was so wrong! 

To be honest, spending money on cosmetics really wasn't my plan.  After all, we were traveling on a budget, I need to spend my money wisely so that I don't have to eat instant noodles for the next 9 days. Plus, it's Phuket, why would you want to buy cosmetics in Phuket? 

And then, I saw their eyeshadow selling for only 88 baht. Boom. 
*How could I not buy them?*
That's how my beauty haul started and I'm going to share with you guys what I have bought from Beauty Cottage.

I swear. Initially, I only wanted to buy the eyeshadows. Their packaging are way too cute that made me so tempting to bring them home. God knows how long I struggled within myself. That time they were having this promotion which you got a makeup bag if you purchase 900 baht and above. It's so enticing, isn't it? So, I decided to bring them all back. Yay!

I would just save the hassle on introducing Beauty Cottage as I guess most of you have already came across this brand or have tried using their products.

Color Bloom Pearl Shadow
I bought 3 very similar shades so that I could match them easily. They are the colours that I would wear often. I mean, you can never go wrong with brown shades. That's the safest colour to go if you are more conservative with colours.

Defined by Art Auto Eyebrow & Eyeliner
Traveling has become much more convenient with this 2 in 1 eyebrow and eyeliner pencil. I go for the brown one because I want a more natural look. I was amazed by its smudge proof ability, the colour stay as it is and doesn't smudge throughout the day! The texture is soft and creamy that I could glide on my lash lines smoothly. Also, it's very easy to blend it on the brows!

Forever Beauty Highlight & Bronzer
This shimmery bronzer really gives you a pretty highlighted glow. What so cool about this is it's a highight & bronzer duo, you could pick the beige one for the highlight and the darker bronzer to sweep it underneath your cheekbones or you could just swirl it together to get a mix of those. I am not really a fan of the highlighter as it's a little too shimmer to my liking but the bronzer is really pretty.

Seaweed Mineral Facial Spray
Okay, I have to admit that the packaging attracted me into buying it. The bottle is in a very nice sea blue colour, and whenever I see it, I feel serenity. The smell is so good and natural, not too strong and artificial. It would be perfect if the size is smaller so that I could bring it with me everywhere to keep myself fresh!


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