Cerro Qreen Makeup Brushes

30 May 2015


- Thanks Natta Cosme for the set of brushes -

First of all, I have a confession to make - I have mastered the art of applying my makeup with fingers. Well, I'm the kind of person who uses my fingers to put on foundations, concealers, eyeshadow and basically everything that I can apply with my fingers. I always have this theory of applying foundation with fingers create a more natural look and sinks into our skin better as it warms in our fingers.  And most importantly, it's TIME-SAVING! 

I used to spend half an hour to makeup to work but now I spent only 15 minutes. Mainly is because I have skipped a few steps, I only apply the basics such as foundations and concealer now. I'm getting lazier and lazier. After all nobody noticed the difference. This is what I call natural beauty! Hahaha. I would rather use the extra 15 minutes to sleep. I can really tell the difference when I have enough sleep. 

No matter how much I swear by my fingers to apply foundations, little did I know that how little product I actually need to cover the uneven areas of my face with brushes. Moreover, it becomes so much easier to blend the eyeshadows and it has perfectly keep my undereye concealer from caking and creasing.
Having a makeup brush set has always been in my wishlist even though I hold tight to my theory. #girlsebeinggirls I was lucky enough to receive this Cerro Qreen makeup brush set from Natta Cosme. Once again, thanks so much for these pretty brushes! This 10 pieces brush set is all a girl needs! What makes it better is that they come with a pouch which is really convenient for travelling. There are a few colours but I chose the black one as it looks more professional with black and I'm not too much of a girly-girl.

From top to bottom
Powder Brush | Blush Shadow Brush | Foundation Brush
The bristles of powder brush and blush shadow brush are made of goat's hair and they are so soft and fluffy that I feel so gentle when I sweep it across my face whereas the foundation brush is made of fiber. All the brushes' handles made from black matt paint wooden are so good to grip when you're doing your makeup.1
Powder Brush
Use it to apply loose powder or mineral powder after foundation and concealer to set everything in place and keeps my makeup long lasting. 

Blush Shadow Blush
This came just in time for my Lancome's blusher that I've just bought during L'Oreal's Luxe warehouse sales that doesn't come with a brush. The slight angle of this brush follows the natural contour of my cheeckbones and also ensure me putting the right amount in the right place which makes the application so delicate.

Foundation Brush
I never know using a foundation brush is the best way to get a flawless looking skin until I tried. This foundation brush allows me to reach the areas that I can barely reach with my fingers and makes my skin looks seamless.
From top to bottom
Large Eye Shadow Brush | Eyebrow Brush | Small Eye Shadow Brush
Large Eye Shadow Brush 
Small Eye Shadow Brush
Eyeshadow brushes come with two sizes and the bristles are made of pony's hair. I use the large eye shadow brush as a base brush and the small one as the blending brush.

Eyebrow Brush
This brush doesn't necessarily for the brows, it is totally versatile. You can use it to apply eyebrows as well as gel eye liner, or even eye shadow to reach the inner corner of the eyes for highlights. It's a brush that you can use for everything. 
From left to right
Fan Brush | Eyeliner Brush | Eyelash Brush | Lip Brush

Fan Brush
 Sometimes we tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to applying powder and blusher, this is where fan brush comes into play. I use it to fans away the excess products and blend my blusher to achieve a softer look.

Eyeliner Brush
I don't really use this as I am not using any gel eyeliner but I'm sure you could sketch your eyeliner perfectly and precisely with its fine and stiff bristles.

Eyelash Brush
Use it to comb my eyelashes after applying mascara to blend out the harsh strokes and ensure the hairs are in place. It can also be used on the brows as well.

Lip Brush
I know a lot of us including myself don't use a lip brush because applying lipstick or lip gloss straight from the tube is so much convenient especially when we are in a rush. But do you know that using a lip brush make your application more precise and even. I like this lip brush because it's more hygiene with the cap. 

#A tip for you, if you are going to a dinner or event party with a small clutch that cannot fit in too much of things. just load up your lip brush and put in your clutch so that you could touch up without having to bring the lipstick.

I sincerely love all the brushes! 
I might not be using all of them in my everyday makeup but it's good to have them, you never know when you are in need of any of the the brushes. 
I just love how they are so easily to carry around which makes travelling so convenient. 
Most importantly, the brushes are so soft that I don't feel harsh on my skin. I've experience brushes that are really harsh, you won't feel comfortable with it and your makeup wouldn't look as smooth. 
They are the basics that every girls need! 

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