Intern in L'Oreal | More than only an internship

17 Sep 2015

Beauty is something that I am always passionate about but never thought I would be working in a beauty company, let alone the prestigious L'Oreal. About half year ago, I was preparing myself to a new chapter of my life. I was excited and sad at the same time, excited that I could be interning in L'Oreal and sad to be leaving home for six months. So, I started the new chapter not knowing what to expect.

This six months was much more than only an internship. It was a learning experience, a wonderful journey to me. I feel as though I have grown up a lot, I noticed somehow there's a change in myself, a positive change towards adulthood which is something I embraced. Now let's not bore you out by giving every single details of how my intern was. Instead, let me share some highlights of my internship.

One of the perks of working in the beauty industry is that you get to attend a lot of events. If you are a social butterfly, you will love it as you get to dolled up, meet new people, mingle around with a couple of drinks. I do enjoy dressing up myself to events but I still feel slightly uncomfortable in socializing with people. Anyway, being only an intern, I think I'm pretty lucky to have the opportunity to attend events and the best part of attending events is that you get to meet amazing people.

With Dato Jimmy Choo during Colour For Life Reunited
With Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir
With Samantha Lee
With Albert Nico during Vlook pampering event.

I am also grateful to have a manager who is willing to empower me in handling projects and events. There are a few events that I was involved from A to Z and I learned how we actually convert a conceptual idea into a reality. Events may seem to be simple but there are a lot of sweat and hardwork behind the success of every events. And I got to say, working is so much different from studying....duhhhh

Vlook pampering at Shawn Cutler with Nicole, Gibson and Hannah
This was at Miko Galere, Pavilion with Hannah, Nicole, Miko(the owner) and Alicia.
Yet, despite all the hardship and challenges, I actually enjoyed every single bit of it. And at the end of the day, when you noticed how successful those events were, the feeling of satisfaction and achievement were priceless.

Above all else, I believe friendship is my biggest takeaway from my internship. I may travel alone from north to south, but I am sure leaving with a few more friends. We started off as colleagues, but along the way, the flower of friendship just blossomed and bloomed. Today, we are more than just colleagues. We are friends. Besides being friends, they are also my mentor and seniors who give me advice, share their experience, give valuable opinions and feedback as well as inspire me. I learned a lot from each of them. And if I have to name one thing I miss the most, that would be the days where I get to work alongside with them, and the nights of chit-chatting.

PPDians! All the lovely people that I met along the journey.

I certainly enjoyed my past six months in L'Oreal. Life is all about making decisions. I am glad I made the decision and it was one of the best decision I have made, being able to meet so many amazing and inspiring people here, as well as having a good place to work where I actually enjoyed. Love ya!

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