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8 Dec 2015

Book Sandwich 1
Succulent Lobster Sandwich
Duck Chop

Nestled along the heritage buildings along Beach Street unveils the hidden gem to Penang's already abundant café - Book Sandwich! And yes, judging from the name, the theme or renovation of the café revolves around books, something which is never-before-seen in Penang. All your senses will be fully mesmerized from the moment you step in to the café until you left it. Though Penang is not lack of café, but this one is definitely worth going.

Food  4/5
Thumbs up! Frankly speaking, I find most of the cafés here in Penang does not really have something unique that distinguish them from the others. Perhaps I was pampered by cafés in KL. Anyway, we ordered Lobster Sandwich and Duck Chop which is quite a decent portion for two of us.

Price 3/5
Personally, the price is slightly higher compared to other café you can find in Penang. However, the price is definitely justified by the quality of the food offered.

Atmosphere 4.5/5
The interior of Book Sandwich café resemble a mix of medieval European and modern days design. It was brimming with old books, artsy paintings and things you would find in an antique store. The interior is perfected by wood laden tables and chairs, under the dim light setting, gives rise to an antiquate chamber-like feel. Moreover, the whole dining experience was enhanced by a good selection of oldies. The entire setting is a good spot to spend your afternoon reading your favourite book and getting away from the internet whilst enjoying a cup of coffee.

Location 3.5/5
If you drive straight along Beach Street, Book Sandwich café is right on your right side. Located within the heart of Georgetown Heritage site and within walking distance to several mural sites, Book Sandwich will surely be another good hangout place for both locals and tourists visiting the Georgetown area. As strategic as it might seem though, the only drawback is the parking spots availability. Try to visit them during non-peak hours to have the best luck.

You can find Book Sandwich Café at Beach Street, Georgetown if you would like to visit. I can assure you that you won't regret.

Book Sandwich Café 
11am to 11pm
Closed on Monday
205, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 Georgetown, Penang
04-261 3445

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